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Friday, February 5, 2010 @ 8:21 PM
are teachers that stressful?
wow! it's been a week? that was fast!
sorry about my previous emo-post....blame hormones! :P

this week, i'll write about Pn P and Pn H...sorry, but no name will be mentioned!
well, a girl should take safety measures to maintain her image kot...!
let's start!

so i'll begin with Pn. Psycho P! emphasize on Psycho! i am now officially an anti-fan of hers!
uhuh! say it girl! *nigga slang*
haha, everything started while pj, she suddenly went crazy about our uniforms...

i was pretty proud that i wore the correct attire when.....

Pn. P : AAAYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!! Kenapa u all tak masukkan tudung dalam baju??...saya dah cakap bnyk kali da tp still taknak dengar! masukkan sekarang..

Me : (Looking at the girls who didn't masukkan tudung.)
*In my mind* nasib baik masukkan tudung! kalau tak, mst kena macam diorang!


Pn P
: YOU! (while pointing her finger at me).

: Yeah, teach!

Pn P : YOU! Kenapa pakai tudung salah?!?!?!

: Huh? Tudung ni betullah teacher!

Pn P
: Mana ada. Ni tudung sekolah kan..mana boleh pakai untuk pj! kalau bukan kenapa u masukkan dalam baju?!?!

Me : Tak lah teacher!(taking out the tudung from my t-shirt) tudung betullah, bukan tudung sekolah!! saya keluarkan sebab teacher suruh!

Pn P : Mana ada! saya cakap kalau awak pakai tudung sekolah...masukkan dalam baju, kalau tudung mcm ni ikat dekat belakang..!

Me : (Stunned and confused)

Pn. P : dah pergi ambik berat....da bnyk kali saya ckp, still tak faham-faham lagi! GIRL, lain kali kalau cakap dgn cikgu sopan sikit!

Me : *mind-talking*
eh eh...dia tak ckp pape pun pasal kena ikat tudung! cuih pny ckg! i used to pity THIS teacher??? what a waste of pitiness!

and a while later....

Pn P

Me : and she wants me to be sopan and all? damn her la!

: she said shut up coz our class was pretty noisy. so, there was nothing wrong la, just...takkan tak boleh cakap keep quiet kan?
sopan sikit! :P

wohkay..moving on to Pn H,

situation : 4 Omega coming into chem lab, the students sat at their own places and doing things that they usually do in the lab, doing nothing! then....

Pn H: (take her seat at the teacher's desk)....baru-baru ni, HEM call saya...dia beritahu saya ttg complains awak..

Me : Owh god, the cat's out of the bag! Yikes!

Pn H: and...saya sebenarnya dah tau siapa yg hantar complaints to dekat pejabat...saya tahu siapa ketua dia...HEM mintak nama dia coz dia nk tukarkan kelas pelajar tu...saya sbenarnya sedih sgt.....tsk tsk.....(starts crying).....kenapa awak nk buat macam tu...saya mmg tak tau kenapa...tsk...tsk....tsk, sorry....(she walks out of the lab)...

Me : uh oh....

then I start looking for u know who....the damn ketua that she mentioned just now la, TJ! found her and she looked shocked...don't really know if she felt guilty or angry..well then, i continued looking around me and everybody is kinda stunned, i guess...
talked to Loga, she was looking down..asked her if she signed the petition and all.

Me : Loga, awak tanda tangan tak kertas tu?? saya tak coz tak nak cari masalah...

Loga : (with red-teary-eyes) ya! saya untuk the first paper la...yg lain saya tak sign...

Me : haha..awak nangis??

Loga : yeah! saya tak boleh tgk org nangis..nnt saya kesian and nangis sekali..

Me : emo la Loga ni! haih! hahahaha...

then Joyce came to our table,

Joyce : i am very dissapointed in u guys..

Me : why? we didn't do anything..pegang pen petition tu pun tak!

Joyce : not u la..i mean, the rest of the class...siapa yg sign la..

Me : owh

Joyce : (walks away to TJ's place and repeated what she said at our table)

after a few minutes passed,

Pn H : (came back into the lab) maaf ya class,
mari kita sambung...okay, hari ini kita akan belajar ttg isotopes and bla...bla..bla..
Me : Wow. That was FUN! :D We should do that again sometimes! la ckg dtg kelas drama melayu! literally!

and today, i met her at GIANT! she was carrying her child and all..she went to buy stuffs for the sorak girls..haha..sorak = baju GIANT! takpelah..nk pakai 1 hari je kan???? ;)

: not the exact words and TJ! heyya! you one nakal kid la...sian ckg tu...muda lg..baru anak dua da kena buli dgn awak! btw, do u guys know how she found out about the complaints in the 1st place?? blame my already-moved away-friend..she's kinda a teacher's pet! :\


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