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Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 4:22 PM
round and round part 2.
on the last post,
there was the tale of how the 'geng kancil' got lost in kl.

right now i want to tell about what we did when we're lost.

firstly, there's hezrin, the secretary of geng kancil.
well, everybody was hungry and so...hezrin grabbed her hotdog.
while she was eating....
some of the onions on her hotdog dropped on her..
guess. where did it drop on?

people says 'a picture worth a thousand words', right?
and here is the answer.
the onions drop on.....

on her b**bcrack!
that were some onion perverts.
it was fun.

later, we were on our way back to seremban.
there was a traffic jam.
so, we sat in the car joking and listening to music.

and guess what happened.
we saw this one blue lamborghini.
the car was cool.

when we passed by it.
hezrin looked at the driver.
she said, the driver looked like yusry.
yknow, yusri from kru. the one that had a scandal with adam.

and so, i looked at him too.
and it turns out, the guy is yusry.
he was looking down at something.
i don't know. maybe his handphone or something.
or maybe there's adam under there doing his yknow 'job'.
hehe...that's d-i-r-t-y!

we were all like, haha and fascinated at the same time.
i don't know why we're fascinated but we were.

haha..that's all.
wouldn't it be fun if he saw us and give us the middle finger or something.

i was actually thinking of writing something on a piece of A4 paper!
i was thinking of writing....

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@ 3:32 PM
round and round
went to  ikea  last wed.
it was fun, i guess.
i went there with geng kancil and they are lia, hezrin and ainchan!

we went there just because lia wanna buy some stuffs for her hotel bajet. 
and a gift for mama too since it was her birthday..

so...we walk around and eat...
aaahhhhh.....that was some tasty meatballs!

after everybody finished shopping,
we went home.
to k4's house to be exact.
well, mama was there and she needed someone to pick her up.
and so...the journey begins.

and what do you know,
we lost our way back home.
we were supposed to go towards ampang/setiawangsa.

we went towards jalan semarak which was surrounded with some kampung and flats.
from there we went to setapak which was way out of the route we're looking for.
after setapak, we drove around and went to sri rampai.
like where the hell were we?
then we found our way to wangsa maju and such.
trying to find k4's house, we looked for wangsa walk which was familiar to us...
drive drive drive, dah jumpa jalan balik.
then there was this junction. we were supposed to go to the right side.
so...while everybody in the car was saying kanan, kanan, lia went towards kiri.
lia really do have probs with directions!
again, we're lost!
so..again we drove around and looked for the way back home.
then found it again.
dah nak sampai rumah, lia asked me, 

'nak pergi rumah Kak Effa lalu sini kan?'

she was right.
but i was confused and told her it was the other route.

'tak tak. lalu sini!'

again we took the wrong route!
i was kinda felt guilty.
and so, lia was kinda pissed and drove around the area.
we drove around and followed the correct route this time.
and finally!
we reached k4's house! 

after the incident, i thought to myself.
damn it's hard to drive in kl.
bak kata lia, salah satu jalan, ipoh la kau sampai!
and so, i hope i won't be living in kl! 


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ 5:14 PM
damn kak senduk..
i has once read kak senduk's post on people's facebook's status updates.
and that post made me realize that kak senduk can be......i dknow, logical sometimes..

soooo, since that day, i never post my facebook status updates multiple times in a day..
i only state what i was truly feeling at that certain time.

i had many status updates planned to be post to public.
but, i remembered kak senduk's words about them, and did not update my status as i want to.

right now, i want to write allllllllll the status i wish to put up on facebook.

> haha...aboy busuk owh.
>wahwahwah, aboy menyidai baju?
>nak tidur.
>WTF! channel v going to be replaced by FOX?
>daging salai keras! / daging salai tak best!
>thinks her mummy's pusing2 thingy on the roof didn't work cos the house is still damn hot.
>just finished deleting her unknown myspace friends.
>is into hot daddies.....hah! i'm weird.
>is into guys with oh-so-fair skin, dark red hair, tattoo on his right shoulder and dark mysterious eyes.....

and so it is.
my latest blog update.
which is filled with my un-public-ed facebook status updates.


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Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 2:08 PM
creative creative! :)
visited k4 and her new baby girl.
the baby was huh, normal.
nothing extraordinary bout her...muzni's better! :D, i played with airel's stuff.
like lego and such..
it was suprisingly FUN!
put this on top of that, and then put this beside that...
hah! i want to be a kid again..

here...see my creations!
i made them myself...

*with robot's voice, he goes.....*

isn't he cute?

okay,okay, next one...

out of the wild and not the zoo....the ELEPHANTE!!! :)
sorry senget.
malaslah nk rotate..

fly high in the sky.....fiuuuuuuuuu~~~~
the sky will be colourful with this flying around...

for those who don't know what is this, it is a crocodile!
yeah! like those plastic thingy under your feet.

last but not least,
the age limit for the toy.
i reached it!
muzni is allowed to play 'em!

creative kan muzni ni.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 3:20 PM
you guys are my big BANG!
yeah....this post is dedicated to those who's an avid reader of this blog..

these are just some of those that i know..
<3 ain!

i said you're busuk and all....
but still, you're the best!
ain rocks! 
teruskanlah pembacaan anda lepas ni cos uni siap cakap ain rocks lagi tu!

<3 nazz!

sorry i took your fb pic!
it's for a good cause, isn't it?
btw, apsal ni je satu-satunya gambar kamu? haiseh! susah btul!
well, even if you're far far away from me...
you're a good friend, nazz!
muzni heart you! :)

thanks a lot guys! ;{D


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@ 3:03 PM
i watched SHREK!

i watched it...
after days of persuasion...
i finally succeed in persuading lia to bring me to watch it..

and what a blergh.
it wasn't what i was hoping it would be..
it was rather common.
it's not that funny anymore..
except for lil pussy! he's such an eye-pleaser!
y'see what i did there....eye-pleaser...B)
cos puss in boots have such cute eyes...
i <3 him!

so...that's it!

uni signing out!

man, i am sooo gonna be sued by the army..


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@ 2:36 PM
along EXPOSED!

you read that right!

there's this certain cousin of mine....
he's pretty mysterious....
but on nana's wedding....
he ruined it all!
that guy up there, is not someone you would think as COOL now!

that mysterious image of his, 
gone KA-BOOM!

after a recent calculation of mine,
i found that his mysterious image level is now,
yit yit, yit yit,

- 8!!!
yeah, he's not THAT awesome nowadays....
here's some proof showing how un-mysterious he is!

look at that!
hes also a money-lover!
dang it, along! you ruined it!

oh yeah, credits to along's sis-ain.
she supplied me with all these pics! :)


ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?
@ 2:16 PM
nana's wedding!
aaahhhh.....finally it's here!
nana's wedding! 

here are the pics...

and yes, i was the telur girl! :)

cute, aren't i? haha..rajinnya muzni..
well, I don't have the actual pics of me working.
soooo, grab an uncle, gave him some eggs.
take a pic!
and voila! you get to see me workin me booty off!

even on that busy busy day, we still have time to gossip!

lia is veeeeeeery into gossips!
just look at her expression and you know how interested she was!
last but not least,
the sisterly love!

aahhhhh, sisterly love!


ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?
Sunday, June 6, 2010 @ 12:20 PM
hello peeps!

hurm...i've wrote an emo-post.
what should i write now?

let's see, there's
> Nana's wedding,
> Along's diff side,
> and craps...

i don't have the pictures yet....sooo...i'll write later lah!


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Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ 12:42 AM
mak intan my butt!
i'm pissed!

really pissed.

well, there's this one random crazy girl called 'sikin'.
she kept sending these lovey-dovey messages on my mom's phone thinking that's her boy/girl friend.

of course mummy didn't reply! like duh!

so, she kept sending messages like,




and the latest one,


like stop already! there's no mak intan here! mak intan tu dah bagi kau fake number la bodoh!
kalau org tak reply mksudnya dia tk minat la! or that number myb dah terminated! or myb in some cases the phone number belongs to someone else....

sooo, tonight she left missed calls on mummy's phone. 
the number was foreign to us and so we called back to ask who's calling.
me as a good lil girl helped mummy to call this foreign number on her phone.

she picked up.
all cheery and happy she said it was syikin. i thought it was my cousin syikin so i passed the phone to mummy.
mummy said hi and that syikin turns out to be the sikin i'm talking about here.
mummy said to her that she got the wrong number.
i guess she said sorry and bye bye after that....

the phone was left with me cause i was playing around with it.
hah, that is one fun phone!

okay, continuing,
the girl called again.
i picked it up.
she said she wants to talk to ISMAWATI BINTI SAAD, whoever that is.
myb ismawati is the mak intan...

me, while smiling from the fact that she still got the wrong number said, wrong numberlah..
all of a sudden she started to shout at me.
it goes,

and then she hung up.
like WTF, man?

at that exact moment, i felt very very pissed off and thinking bout sending her a message saying,

that all for now.
damn that sikin girl.


ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?
Thursday, June 3, 2010 @ 7:35 PM
damn damn damn damn...haha...
i wonder why the font colour didn't change.....

i've edited it but it's still the same! 
damn the formats!

haha, i've just realized that i use the word damn too much!

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