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Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 1:30 AM
yknow. there's this stats button or something here in blogspot.
i clicked it.

and i'm not sure if it shows stats of my blog or what.
but if it does.
some one from poland and slovenia and pakistan read my blog!
hurm. interesting.

according to it, my all time record of audience was mostly from malaysia.
second in line is united states and third is south korea!

i like this!

but one thing i'm not sure was one of the captions were searched keywords.
and under it there was kak senduk, ihwa village and muzni modelmayhem.
now.........what the hell is muzni modelmayhem?
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@ 1:09 AM
happy bday k4! 
and happy halloween too.

hope you'll recover from that hfmd fast.

man, i am still wondering what have you done to get hfmd?
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@ 1:07 AM
bigbang bigshow 2010!
i watched it.
found it on youtube and spend a couple of hours on the vids.

it's been a while since i watched them last performed.
and i gotta admit it that by watching them performing i am also reminded that they're still there.
well, it's just that with all these new bands debuting, i forgot about them.
i forgot about their existence.

i miss watching them being active doing promotions.
bigbang, can't you do your come back now?

oh yeah, they also performed some songs that's kinda new to me.
well, they're not new, it's just that only now do i find the songs nice.
now i get to have lots new 'un-bored bigbang's song'!

BIGBANG is VIP! peace.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010 @ 12:07 PM
so yeah. 
i'll be going to jakarta next wed.
deepavali holidays, i think.

lia's not going to come with us, though.

so, i'll be skipping school that wed since the school holidays starts on the thurs.

hope they don't ganyang us. haha.
or bomb us.
well, if i do get bombed, tell aboy i hate him.
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@ 11:59 AM
the exams are OVER!

but, i'm pretty sure i'll fail everything. i really mean that.
i didn't read anything!
everytime i put myself to study, i'll end up sleeping.
and the next day, there's me. trying to cram everything in the book into my head.
let me tell you one thing. cramming doesn't work very well.

chem : i actually created my own experiment and i don't think anyone gonna form any salt from that experiment of mine.

bio : i'm pretty sure the paramecium doesn't have a 'food route'.

add maths : how do you expect me to find pt. D if i can't find the coordinates of the other pts. in the diagram?

accounts : everything that was supposed to be balanced, wasn't balanced. damn the whole penyata pendapatan!

english : i'm not even sure if describing means you have to list down why you like that certain thing.

bm : aspirasi. apakah? well, i wrote it down as harapan or matlamat or something like that.

phy : how can i miscalculated 45 over u equals to 2. i wrote u equals to 90 when it was supposed to be 22.5!!!! 

anyways. i'm going to forget all that.
i don't really care if i fail. i'll just study harder next year, right?
hah. i doubt it!
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Saturday, October 23, 2010 @ 4:59 PM
ihwa village.
oh my god. 
i really want to go to that place.
it looks nice.

the place is like an open air art gallery.
there are drawings on the buildings, stairs, pavements..

i saw it on 2d 1n last night.
seunggi went and took pics there.
that was the mission he was assigned to.

awww. i went and look it up on the internet.
and there wasn't much about it.
here are some pics.

pictures : credits to sleepwalkingintokyo.wordpress

pictures : credits to lsgfan.wordpress

there's also this angel drawing but it was then removed since seunggi took a pic there.
well, he's popular and since he took a pic there, lots of his fan went there to.
and his fans became a nuisance to the residents and so they removed the drawing.
i think the angel drawing is the most interesting one though..
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@ 4:25 PM
i haven't been updating for quite a while!

well, i was busy.
studying. collecting money. homeworks. everything!

currently sitting for the final exams.
tak study sangat pun! hehe.
sat for my sejarah papers last friday,
and i think i am going to flunk sejarah BIG TIME!

well they asked me a lot of things that i don't know.
i don't think i will be staying in the same class next year.
mesti jatuh punya lah! mesti punya!

and i have dinner's money to worry about.
the girls haven't finished paying their dinner's money and i am too busy to look for them.
still i managed to collect them all! yay!
the dinner went well, but it wasn't what i expected.
there was no fun in it, though.
everybody's too busy worrying for the finals!

the only thing i'm looking forward to was the trip to indonesia.
hope it's gonna be fun!

damn i should be reading books now or i'll fail that physics paper later.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010 @ 4:55 PM
random thoughts.
why does miranda cosgrove's video

yeah, i am still here.
busuk me.

i found out a friend of mine is into GD of Big Bang.
better stick to TOP then.

and i wanna eat right now.
that thing mama's cooking smells too nice.

oh oh oh!
that's se7en's girlfriend is in his new mv.
she's kinda hot.
no wonder she's his gf.
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@ 4:53 PM
he's going crazy.

 yeah, who wouldn't?
she's beautiful!

btw, poor fishy.
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@ 4:42 PM
something smells nice.
and no it's not me.
it's something mama's cooking in the kitchen.

that reminds me.
i need to take a bath.
it's like 4.40 pm right now and here i am online-ing.
tak mandi. muka oily. baju malam tadi. busuk.

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@ 4:37 PM
butt shaking ooh la la :)

i just love how they shake their butts!
looks fun. 
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh *butts shaking*
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@ 4:12 PM
hopes = crushed!

just found out.
it's for astro b.yond subscribers only.
damn you astro.

mama...nk astro b.yond~~~~
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@ 4:04 PM
S one HD
malaysia gonna have a new korean channel!
yes yes yes..
i've been wishing for this for a long long long time now.
and it's finally here!

i think it's SBS.
but i'm not sure.
cause i just saw the iklan and such and it looks like sbs!
yay! no more youtube-searching!
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