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Thursday, September 30, 2010 @ 8:30 PM
her 2.
what an irony!

morning of that same day.
i learned about jenazah and such in class.
and sofea even asked me if i've been to a funeral.
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@ 8:28 PM
takziah to wak nor's family.

it was weird.
to see someone you know.
someone you've talked to.

just lay there.
not moving.
nor breathing.

it was really weird.
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@ 8:23 PM
i am freakin angry right now.

no no..that's a typo and i am currently very lazy to go and correct it.
i am freakin hungry right now.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010 @ 4:33 PM
maybe it's too tight?
i don't think i'll be wearing my skinny jeans in these nearest time.

maybe, i got fat lately.
cause i wore them, i don't know, last monday?
and when i was sitting, i can feel my legs goes.....y'know.....denyut-ing.
like the jeans are too tight.

tak pasal pasal terputus kaki kang.
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@ 4:30 PM
mummy made soto!
mummy made some soto yesterday.
cause there's some of her students coming.

still, yay!
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@ 4:28 PM
i hate yesterday.
i came to school.
on a saturday.
it sucked.

i was supposed to be on duty for the ceramah thingy.
all i need to do was give out the gifts.
that's it.

but, no....the teachers asked us to do some other stuffs instead.
those stuff was meant to be done by these few asrama girls.
where are they?
why weren't they doing their jobs?

telling us to ask the mak cik kantin for some food.
passing around food to the hockey girls.
like WTF? 
those hockey girls aren't doing ANYTHING! go fetch your food yourself!
when i brought them their nasi lemak.
they ask for rendangs pulak. 
since there's some nasi lemak rendang.

like dude! just eat what you have.
you want some other stuffs, TAKE IT YOURSELF!

and what i am really pissed out about is that,
there's four of us that should be working that day.
but......there only me and farhana working our butts off!
**** all of you for not helping.

we went from the canteen to the ceramah's place to the bilik guru multiples time.
the most that the others do was taking some gifts from the bilik guru and take the microphone for the ceramah.
and no thanks?
you guys suck!

btw, kalau ada yang terasa tu.
janganlah datang kat aku bising bising.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 @ 7:29 PM
i just saw some news on the net that some teenagers admitted to be addicted to sex after they watched porn.
what a coincidence.

i guess i won't be watching one in the nearest time.

the news also said that there's even 12-year-olds having sexual intercourse!
such daring kids, i say!

maybe it's puberty.
well, they have these new hormones, right?
haha. just hope that my kids won't be like that! :)
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@ 7:19 PM
school started already.
after two weeks of holidays.
i guess it's time.

and i only send my add maths homework now.
it was due two weeks ago.
anyway, it's a good thing the teacher came late.
she didn't mark the other books yet.
also a good thing that she didn't come to school during the holidays.
yay me! :P
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@ 7:12 PM
does cocktails have alcohol?
only some of them have it?

i know mocktails have none. right?
but right now, i'm thinking about cocktails.
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@ 7:09 PM
wanna watch new dramas.
but, too tired.
well, i'm always tired. 
so, no surprise there :P

listened to lia's songs right now.
you were right, lia.
i listen to The Pretty Reckless too.
and i think Just Tonight is the only good song out instead of the other two.

when is my cheap-and-have-been-dragged-for-too-long-korean drama.
i am still waiting.
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@ 7:04 PM
nak jugak.
aboy received some money.
so he went shopping.
guitars. new air-cond for his BEN.


a new expensive watch.
dude, buy me something too.
at least, top up my tabung lollipop!
i need funds!
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@ 7:02 PM
i already ate but i am still hungry.
don't mind answering. i don't really wanna know.

read other people's blog.
there's no funny stories or anything other than emo posts.

i'm just writing this cause i don't want this blog to be left not updated.

i was supposed to sleep right now. nap. it's nice.
instead, i turned on the computer and online.
so, here i am :)

wanna go mandi.
but too malas to go. hehe.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 8:51 PM
the holidays are coming to an end.
no more waking up late.

i love waking up late!

there's still a lot of homeworks to be done.
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@ 8:48 PM
aye..aye..aye ..aye..aye..aye..aye..they're 2NE1.

yay. 2ne1 released new songs.
yay again.
i've been waiting for their comeback for a while now.
and.......they're back!
owh god, too many yays!

so, i managed to get their blocked live comeback.
damn it was hard to find the vid in utube.
YG Ent. kept blocking them.
and, i checked out some other websites and managed to download it.

but, i'm kinda bummed by their comeback songs.
there's like only one good song out of the three they released so far. and the other was.....hmmmmm...acceptable.

the clap clap song or whatever.
that just sucks.

well, still, 2ne1, you're the best.
so now, i'm just waiting for Big Bang's comeback later this year.
*fangirl's scream*

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@ 8:38 PM
makhluk putih.
here's a funny story.

well, my family doesn't really like people coming to our house very much.
so, our gates were usually closed.
and, the same goes for yesterday.

i was home alone.
mummy's out at cik man's house.
lia went somewhere with hezrin.
aboy......i really don't know where he was.

as i was watching the tv. laughing. 
some dude came.
i don't really know why. but, i ran.
i don't know why i ran.
it's not like i'm scared or anything.

and i fell.
at the stairs.
gaaahhhh. it hurts. still, i continued to run towards the kitchen.
i can hear them giving salam.
and you know what people said, mesti jawab salam.

so, there i was. hiding in the kitchen. answering their salam silently. with shaking legs.
well, y'know. 
when you fall so hard. like shhhh-BAM. surely, you're legs will go all shaky, right?
you get me?

damn. it hurts. it really really really hurts.
so, today i mandi.
and saw this big blue bruise.
aaarrgghh.....kurang harga!

showed it to lia and she................................she didn't really care.
showed it to momochi too. and she went all,

'teruknya dik!' and 'pergi pakai mesin urut mama tu' and 'teruk tu dik......................, biru!'

so yeah.
lesson : don't run from some strangers in baju putih who were giving you salam. -they won't be eating you!

i'm pretty tempted right now to post a pic of it.
but, then, it'll just seem weird.
why should people see my blue bruise? 
so, i won't. 
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@ 1:34 PM
it's been a while.
haha. hello!

raya. i have nothing to tell about raya.
i didn't get much duit raya.
i didn't have much fun during raya.
i didn't go to any of my friend's house.
i didn't take any raya pics.
overall, my raya sucks.
however, i will still look forward to my next raya for all those oh-so-yummy-foods.

still, i want to say sorry for all my wrong doings.
i may have been a pain in the... for some of you.


btw, cik nab, you're ayam pengkap was a little off this year.
kurang minyak lah.
i know......cholesterol.
but, that's what raya is all about, right? ;)
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Saturday, September 11, 2010 @ 4:59 PM
it's 1 a.m. and i'm tired.
wanna write some stuffs.
but i think i'll continue later.

look look! i drew it myself!
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@ 4:36 PM
it's raya.
and i don't know what to write bout it.

i didn't took any pic of me salam-salaming with everyone.
damn! -i mean taeyang!

that's it.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @ 9:45 PM
my ideal husband.
some of you may know about my ideal husband.

i want...
a guy with red hair, a tattoo on his right shoulder, dark eyes and fair fair skin.

today i found him.
i've waited a long time for him to dye his hair red.
and finally, he did! 

it's GD! :)

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Monday, September 6, 2010 @ 2:33 PM
i was just thinking.
dying my hair red could be fun.
to think again.
if i dye it.
i'm dead!

so, i won't dye it.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010 @ 1:21 AM
there's this new drama i watched.
it was supposed to be a folk ghost story.
was that right?
aahhh..senang cakap citer hantu org org zaman dahulu kala lah..

but the people who wrote it put a twist in it.
making it into a modern cute love story.
oh yeah, gumiho means nine-tailed fox.
i don't really know what so scary about a fox with nine tails either.
but it seems that in the olden days, the koreans were scared of that..

still, the story's nice.
for those who had watched you're beautiful, the drama with beautiful casts..this drama was produced by the same people.

try watch it. it's called my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox.
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@ 1:04 AM
merdeka celebration.
momochi made me a handmade bendera to bring to school.
it was quite embarassing.
the red stripes were made of stickers.
since they've been around for a while now, they're not that good.
the stickers kept peeling off.
so, i didn't used it at school. 
but i said to mama that i did used it.
so she won't feel sad or anything.

i wonder why she made them for me..
i guess that's what mothers do..
love their precious daughters-like me! :P

oh yeah,
i also woke up early for the parade and everything.
7.55 a.m early!
it was boring.
such a waste of sleeping hours.
i'm not very sure myself but i think i got super-patriotic that morning.
cause i kinda sing-along with the merdeka songs at the end!
even wave my flag. my triangular-handmade-flag-with-red-stickers-peeling-off.

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@ 12:55 AM
it was freaky.
and weird.
and i think it was inappropriate too..

i had this conversation with daddychan.
we were watching the news on tv.
it was about some guy who sembelih his son.
and so,

papa : imagine lah dik. papa sembelih adik. dapat masuk tv!
me : papa je lah. uni takde lah masuk tv. 
papa : haha.
me : tak best ar. dua orang terlibat. sorang je dapat credits.
papa : haha.
me : papa jangan~~~! 

it's weird rite? 
so...if you see daddychan in the news, now you know what happened!
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Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 1:13 AM
from a so-called prince to just another normal human being.
did i wrote about me buka-ing puasa with k4 and all?
i think i did.

well, sooo,
that night airel ran around the house and fell.
he hit his head on a... what you call them...door frame?
and so..he bled like crazy..
so here's his pic.

damn. i wanted pics of his scars. not him happying around.
abang helmi tu kadang-kadang clueless lah..

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@ 12:55 AM
kad puasa.
a month ago,
mr. r asked my class to make a 'selamat berpuasa' card.
and we just got it back recently.
there's nothing special about this post.
i'm just writing this because he gave me an A+!
kelass gitu...

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