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Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
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Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 11:16 PM
muzni salah kereta? :o

haha. yup.
balik dari farmasi. farmasi mana lagi? farmasi SURIA lah!
sibuk fikir pasal baki yg akak farmasi tu bagi betul ke tak.
haih. camne lah boleh tak perasan?

malu weyh!
sedap je datang kat kereta kancil tu and bukak pintu dia.
terkejut anak anak kecil dalam kereta tu! 

'siapakah minah ini?' kata mereka.

mama pelik tengok aku jalan je terus melepasi kereta mama yg tersergah kat depan farmasi tu.
bukan main mama hon.

muzni oh muzni! camne boleh tak dengar? camne boleh tak perasan?
haih -.-
cepat cepat aku lari! 

mama kata makcik pemilik kereta kancil tu gelak je kat aku.
makcik tu pergi kedai ABU jap and gelak tengok aku.

tapir betul!


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Friday, April 29, 2011 @ 5:47 PM
hey cik abang.

that guy. that nerdy guy.
jahat lah.

ish. drama betul. sedih hati ni dibuatnya :S

btw, dude. aku chill lah ni.
sebab aku tk emo...........................................................macam kau :P


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@ 5:44 PM
BESAR punya!
did ya see? did ya see?

hee. i made the font size bigger.
well, geng meja depan complaint.
kononnya, tulisan kecik sangatlah. apalah. haih, bnyk hal lah korang ni.

nah. hambik kau sofea, dayah! besor ha aku bagi kau. 


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@ 5:42 PM
living with guilt sucks. 

texting him. while befriending her.

imma bad bad person.


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@ 5:38 PM
aih. seganlah.

hehe. i cried yesterday. in class. add maths class.
okay okay. here the story.

i can't understand anything that the teacher was explaining.
we were learning trigo.
uurrghh..the pusing pusing here and there. 
my head was spinning from all the pusings.

i asked sofea to explain it to me.
but i can't understand her explanation either.
it's like they were both speaking some foreign new language to me.
i was pissed off.
i did the exercise given correctly, but, i, myself, do not know what i was doing.
that pisses me off some more.

haih. i was already emo emo from some events occuring the night before.
now, this thing appear before me.

so, i started to cry.
i was mad. biasalah tu. marah je nangis :3
barulah Pn. R start ajar perlahan lahan. 
everybody was laughing, watching me cry bacause of addmaths.
segan lah! haih...

dah tu. hari ni jadi bahan pulak.
sikit sikit, muzni, jangan nangis eh.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 @ 5:25 PM
me and mama 3
mama : tak masak ke?

me : tak.

mama : then makan apa?

me : ...................... 
*dalam kepala*
sian papa. mst dia lapar.

papa : i pergi kenduri tadi. dah dah. i dah makan.

me : nasib baik weyh!

mama : huh. okay. adik, tak makan ke?

me : tak. tak lapar.

mama : okay. *with a very very unpleasant expression.*


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@ 5:21 PM
me and mama 2
mama : uni ni jarang pakai baju kurung, bila pakai nampak ayu.

me : ....................terima kasih?

that was unexpected.


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Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 6:25 PM
of jamal and dadah.

i've been obsessed with jamal abdillah's drugs problem recently.
and saleem's. and apek's. and yasin's.


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@ 6:23 PM
hampa lah.
i received my new nametag last friday.
but, sucks.

like WTF?
i paid 13 bucks for a piece of crap!
the former council's nametag was much better-looking and cheaper than ours.

where's my timbul timbul lencana?
i want that timbul timbul lencana. not a printed one.
now, it looks flat :(


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@ 6:11 PM
no. not johor bahru, but, justin bieber.
heh. terkejut?
tak payah lah!

so, yeah.
recently, i've been listening to him most of the time.
i'm really digging the never say never song.

i'm not a hater nor a fan of his.
i'm just listening...

buat dengar dengar di masa lapang. hee~


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Friday, April 15, 2011 @ 3:51 PM

cool gila seyh.
cantik kot vid ni. 
love the exploding car scene, love the underground fire, the black and white screen, top, gd,.......
ah! i love everything! 
just not the song. i'm into stupid liar more.


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Saturday, April 9, 2011 @ 3:03 PM
go with the flow.
hello hello.

hey. it's been a while, right?
i left this blog with taio cruz and a very emo post the last time i was here.

haha. no need for worrying as i am now back to being a happy kiddo and very dirty-minded one ( a visit to a porn site could change one's self), i'm moving on. 
i'm gonna leave what i had with him at that. no more. unless god wanna help things to work out :/

heh. let's just continue.
so, how are you guys? how's life? fun? sad? stressed?

mine's fine. i'm doing quite well in school. i guess my examination-year charms are coming back.
i've started to complete my homework, pass them up at the right time and been participating actively in school. 

i'm just going with the flow now. no need for unnecessary stress and just have fun. 

till later, muzni the currently-happy kid :)


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@ 2:41 PM
just promoting ekin :)
yeah, she promoted my blog on hers.
so, now i'm here returning her favours. 
hmm...i'm not really sure bout my sentence up there. i think there's something wrong with it. no need for a 'her', i guess.
heh. abaikan :)

ekin, ekin, for you are my only ekin.

here's her blog. she mostly write about either her si kacak or school. 
yup. BORING, right? 
haha. jk jk.

have fun :)


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Saturday, April 2, 2011 @ 11:01 PM
you're making me tired.
yes. you do.


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