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Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 6:16 PM
muzni rocks.
look look.
i changed my name at that shoutmix thingy.

i even put a rocking sign.

man, i rock!
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@ 6:14 PM
mama and friend.
mama met a friend at giant today.
friend said that mama got bigger. as in fatter.
mama felt sad. 
mama want to exercise.
mama asked uni to come.
uni's legs are aching.
uni don't want to go.
uni is pissed off at mama's friend.
mama felt sad. again.
mama went to weigh her body.
mama thinks mama's not heavy.
so, mama cancel exercising plan.
uni happy. 
mama happy.

end of story.
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@ 6:10 PM
era fm.
no. i don't listen to bm songs much.
not that i hate malay songs.
just one of those things i rarely do.
-listening to bm songs.

and since i'm into korean, i've been looking for a radio channel that air their songs.
i thought air them.
yknow, the chinese channel.
i even saved them in my mp4.

but, all i listen there was,

'Xièxiè tīng nǐ my.Fm. Zhèlǐ de....(some random chinese singer.)'

well, not the exact same sentence. but, you get me, right?

and recently, i found out that era have this new slot for japanese, korean and other songs alike.
it's fun! i think listening to a song you download and listening to a song on the radio are two different feelings.
the same goes for music videos on tv.
it felt different than when you watch it on youtube!

i think maybe korean is the 'in-thing' right now.
cause i can see korean everwhere. i mean korean shows.
astro even put a korean music festival as part of the special shows on tayangan hebat.
and that new korean channel, the s-one channel on astro. even have a slot for k-pop vids.
oh yeah, and animax with their korean dramas slot.

i guess it is REAL. the korean wave.
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@ 5:55 PM
animax dramas.
yeah, i might be a lil later than everyone.
i just started watching kim sam soon. the korean drama.

and, it's quite entertaining.
the story.

about a chubby woman with a very kampung-like name.
and her journey finding love.

ahh. currently waiting for the last episode to load.
that's why i'm here.
i'm killing time.

was thinking of watching yoo hee next.
that drama looks nice too.
i dknow.
myb i shouldn't.
with spm next year and all.

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@ 5:43 PM
exercise? i don't think so.
i just started exercising. 

yeah, i know, i know,
i've wrote before that i'll start exercising.
but i didn't.

so, one day, i saw this list of top exercises that works fast.
first place was roller blading.
plus, it's fun.
but, then again, i've thrown out my roller blades a long time ago.
and to buy another one.
they're expensive.
so, i did nothing.

then, another day, i was sitting in my room with nothing to do.
and i started thinking about the list.
and, i remembered that there was jump rope-ing in the list.
so, i started jump rope-ing outside my house. 
and, i never had my own jump rope so i jumped without the rope.

and, i gotta tell 'ya. exercising sucks. big time!
at first, i was happy seeing my sweats.
later, all that sweat start to drip into my eyes while i was jumping.
then i thought, 

'wow! i got sweats in my eyes!'
'this is like rocky when HE's jump-roping!!' 
(btw, rocky is a character which sylvester stallone plays in one of his boxing movies series)

after a while, i was like,

'shit! the sweats stings' 
(btw, it really stings. yknow, when they dripped into your eyes. and no, i didn't spell stink wrong. i really meant sting.)

today, i woke up to aching legs.
and it is still aching right now.
i can't walk properly.
i limped.
if i was a stranger and saw someone else walking past by me like i did today, i would think that she's crippled or something.

btw, mind my english. i'm not sure if cripple is the right word.

and so, i think i'll stop exercising for now.
it hurts.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 2:10 PM
no title.
thought of updating this blog here.

but the vid i've been waiting ages to watch finally finish loading.

so yeah, bubbye!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010 @ 12:48 AM
yongseo couple.
so, recently i've started watching snsd's seohyun's on mbc's we got married.
it's a show where celebs are paired together and were asked to live as a married couple.

and little by little.
i started to get addicted by their relationship.
i think...i say it again, i think...they're really in love <3

cnblue's yonghwa is her husband on the show.
and, he even wrote a song for her.
double aaawww~~~

the band's fans had been speculating about what the song was about for quite a while.
and finally in one of the episodes, he confessed.
the song was indeed about snsd's seohyun.

man, that is one very charming guy!
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@ 12:42 AM
high sodium content!
if you too many McDs at one time, you'll get indigestion.
and it sucks.

it hurts. my tummy. it hurts.

lesson learnt. 
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@ 12:35 AM
school's over!
i have no idea what to write.
i'm just writing a new post so that this blog won't die.

so, for now, i'll only write about how happy i am now that the school's over.

for 6 weeks, i won't have homeworks, i can hang out with friends outside school, i can update this blog and i get to catch up with all my favourite tv shows online! 

still, there's mama.
she is currently still 'disappointed' by my bad grades in the recent exam.
well, what to do.
when you have me for a daughter, there won't be any exam with me having straight As.

till then. bye bye.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010 @ 10:15 PM
sekolah hari ini.
my time in school was spent wisely today.

as usual there was me and the rest of the geng meja belakang.

we gossiped, we ate snacks in class ( mentang mentang revathy tak ada!), we joked around, we studied add maths and accounts and we pooped. okay, i pooped.

oh oh...and najah were kinda funny today.
she came to our class window and asked sofea for seremban's taxi number.
rather than coming into our class and wrote it on a paper, she slipped her hand between the window's glasses and asked sofea to wrote it down on her hand.
and she even asked to not press the pen too hard while writing cause it tickles.

hah. i really can't understand her.
sometimes she looks like this mysterious, cool girl. but sometimes i get to see her like.....this.
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@ 10:03 PM
maybe it's just me.

but i think our geng kancil publicist, miss ain is in LOVE~~

good luck!
if i do get it right-lah.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 @ 6:04 PM

credits to : baldwings blog

so yeah, i just got back from my trip to indxxxxxx.
and, i don't think i like it very much.

well, there wasn't much to do.
maybe it was because i went on a group trip so our activities were already scheduled ahead of time.
hence, i didn't get to go to place i wanted to go to.

i didn't get to have a nice holiday experience either.
everybody knows that not everyone in that country is blessed with a good life. 
and those people were left with no choice but to live off people sympathy and such.
so many of them would go and follow us around trying to sell something or asking for alms.
and i gotta admit it that i don't really like it. in fact, i hate it.
it's annoying. 
plus, they even follow us into the bus we're riding.

furthermore, the tour guide guy kept bringing us to these shopping places but there was not many stuffs that worth buying there.
for me to compare, i would say the stuffs were the same stuffs you would find in nilai 3.
the price. if i were to convert the price into malaysian currency, it would value pretty much the same as in malaysia.
however, i admit that there's still some stuffs that you can get on a cheaper price. much much cheaper. 
i don't know. this is my opinion.

besides that, about the merapi thingy.
yeah, we managed to avoid the hujan abu and such.
the first day we were there, straight away we were brought to bandung. 
and when we went back to jakarta, then the merapi explodes.
so, we were lucky i guess.
if not, maybe we won't be able to tour the city.
and maybe, there would be a slight chance of our flight back being delayed.

oh yeah, the food.
the tour guy kept bringing us to these padang foods' restaurants.
sometimes he do bring us to eat the sunda's food or maybe those chinese-indonesian kind of cuisines.
but most of the time it was padang's.
personally, i would reall suggest the sunda's since they're yummier and their side dishes are a lot.
opposite from the padang's where you'll get the same thing tasting the same each time you went to a padang restaurant.

look, i am not condemning the country or anything.
this is just me writing about my experience there.

still, for people who want a difference in holiday experience than in malaysia, they may like it there.
and i do appreciate mama for bringing me there.
even if i don't like it there, i like it that i get to experience something new.

if i were to go there again the next time, i would definitely have my own pick of places to visit.
that is if i'll go there again.
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