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Sunday, December 26, 2010 @ 4:21 PM
the italian chef.
i became an italian chef!
yeah. it was during geng kancil's sleepover at ain's. 

*whisper whisper*

heh. you don't have to whisper around.
i know.
i look good as an italian chef, right?
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@ 2:27 PM
yeah. i didn't wrote anything about my trip to kuantan.

well, it's because i don't remember a thing about that trip.

all i remembered was that ninab said lia was hebat as a kid.
dayyumm. i thought i was much more hebat than lia.
guess i'm not.

well, we were talking bout how i started reading at three. *raised eyebrows*
yeah, that was my moment of self-bragging up there. hehe.

but then, ninab didn't remeber a thing about that fact.
she only remembered seeing lia reading the newspaper when she's four years old.

and i also remembered about seri malaysia's sudden black-out.
hahah. it was fun!
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@ 2:21 PM
rookie and his........oh yeah!

no dirty thoughts, please.
it's just someone making a dance cover of gdtop's song, OH YEAH.

and it's kinda neat.
check it out!
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@ 2:18 PM
GDTOP 2nd performance.

actually, i'm not really sure which song are they performing in this vid since i just erased the vid title without reading it first.

i think it's bbeokigayo. knock out in english. i think lah. i am really not sure.

well enjoy. 
to tell ya the truth this is not my personal favourite since i'm not into all this hip hop thingy but hip hop IS their
prime genre.

so yeah. enjoy!
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Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 12:01 PM
GDTOP is here!

GDTOP debuted last week actually.
they're bigbang's sub unit.
and yeah. sorry for the late updates.

well, here i am. updating my blog. happy?

hah. i'm sooo lazy these few days. 
back to the main topic, GDTOP!!!

check out their performance on mnet countdown.

high high!
i'm so high.

btw, i hate watching TOP limping around the stage.
i know it's his swag or whatever they call it.
still, he looked blergh.

then again, he is still one hot rapper!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010 @ 12:59 AM
still new to japanese songs.

listened to some of her songs.
they're okay.

i like goodbye happiness :)
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@ 12:56 AM
went to buy some books for next year today.
thought of buying the whole seluar and tudung sekolah at koperasi too but then koperasi was closed.

so i didn't bought it :)

saw the form fives sitting for spm.
and i thought.
next year it's my turn.
and i haven't even start anything yet.

still here online-ing.
still haven't found a tuition center. confused. or is it centre? i think it's center, though.

still not-smart-enough.

better go to sleep now. it's 1 am.
tomorrow nak berjimba jimba ke kuantan :D
a lil road trip that ninab had planned.

malas lah nak pack :(
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@ 12:47 AM
hair oh hair.
i asked ayu for a trim.
and she cut my hair short.
my bad.
i thought a trim was to just kemaskan my hair.
i translated the word kemaskan to english at google translator since i forgot the exact word i want to use.
and google translated it into trim.

so, i was right.
a trim was just a trim.
ayu, you're wrong! :P

and now i ended up with this

hah. short. i guess it's fine since the weather's hot nowadays, right?

btw, endahkan katil kat belakang.
thought of tidying up the bed but then i just didn't :)
and lia. i borrowed your jacket or hoodie or whatever you call it.
mine's nowhere to be found :P
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Monday, December 6, 2010 @ 5:52 PM
i change my mind too often.

so yeah, just went to search lollipop's current price.
at the same time, i checked other lg phones available in malaysia.
and saw this one beautiful lg phone.
sorry lollipop but this one is really beautiful.
it's lg crystal.
oh my god. i really want it!

however, i know i won't get to buy it.
since the price is out of my budget.
it about 1500 - 1600 ringgit :O

yeah, not gonna happen!

went to check out samsung phones too.
and there's this one phone that caught my attention.
i think the name was nori or juri or something.
but, it's a samsung anycall.
that means, it won't be coming to malaysia.

saw lg cookie too.
there's three version of it.
cookie 3G, cookie plus and cookie fresh.
but none of them have the 'it' factor.

hah. rambang mata!

here's the pic.

look it's transparent! how beautiful :(
this is the lg crystal.

now, this one is samsung nori.

i want them :(

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Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ 11:02 PM
skater boy.


saw skater boy today.
well, actually, i just saw a glimpse of him when mummy's car passed by the place he's hanging out at.
he was skateboarding.
like duh! he's skater boy~

even though, it's been a while since i last saw him.
he is still hot.


checked his facebook profile and there wasn't much to see, though.
since it was set private. damn!
was wishing to see his relationship status actually.

hah. me and my stupid crush :)

btw, the guy in the pic's hot too.
i guess all the skater boy are hot?
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Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 11:09 PM
uni and her accidental discovery :)
nokia's snake.

yeah, remember the game?
it used to be popular, right?
i used to love it since i was the one who set the high score on mummy's phone.
ahh~~ good times good times.

so yeah, just now, i went and checked the video i posted.
i tried to watch them in hd and it took a lot of time to load.

suddenly, i accidentally pressed the arrows button on the keyboard.
and what do you know, the snakes game appeared before me!
and do you know what was the snake and dot made of?
it was the loading circle on the video.

i played it.
even when the vid id running, the game is still visible.

try it.
i found this accidentally and it was fun.

try and watch the video.
then, you pause it or leave it to load.
quickly, press the arrows button on your keyboard. yknow, those up, down, left, right button.
and, voila.

enjoy yourself, okay! 
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@ 10:49 PM
white face, fake tears and red lips. they're the coolest :D

despite the effort top put into his dancing, i gotta say, i think 2pm's perf was cooler.
like c'mon. they mimed~~~

haha. myb it's just me.
but, i think mimes are cool :)
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@ 10:47 PM

it's bigbang's lil sis~~~
eventhough they're older than the bb members :P

aawwhh~~ i just love the yg family.
btw, what's up with the mic? or did the girls fall short of breath?
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@ 10:45 PM
taeyang menayang :)

taeyang's performance.

hah. he has a beautiful voice.
those high notes must be really hard to achieve!

i really thought he would perform I'll Be There.
that is one very good song, yknow.
i like it <3

and oh. dara's sudden cameo was quite predictable, though.
well, since she was the one starring in the mv.
so, she must know what to do better than the others.

besides that, there's not much for me to say.
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@ 10:39 PM
shimmy shimmy yo 1 2 step action, mission complete!

my bingu hottie performed at the recent mama.
short for mnet asian music awards :)

yeah, i know top's not a good dancer still he put an effort into it.
it's the thought that counts, right?

and, aaawwwhhhh~~~
he even did his penguin dance.
he's cute.
my bingu hottie~

owh yeah, gd your perf was great too.
cool rap. g, g, g, g, baby baby, g d, g d, baby baby.
can't wait for their new song, high high! 
aaaaaahhhh~~ *fangirl mode*

hah. the guy with killer mohawk.
sorry that i have not much to say though.
you're cool!

lastly, love their hair.
top. quite a BANG-in style, huh?
hahah. you're hot!

i love their last song.
it's too bad the lyrics was a sensitive issue.
people would bash me if they heard me singing them!
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