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Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 6:29 PM
Taio Cruz - Higher ft. Kylie Minogue

taio cruz ni hot jugak kan? yumms.
btw, i thought kylie minouge dh tkde boobs.
i was wrong lah nmpknya. she's smokin hot!
but they looked awkward together.


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@ 3:00 PM
i forgot to write about some other stuffs.

i just wanna brag actually.
did you guys see the pic where i was painting something?
well, i just thought that it was cute rite?
kan kan? comel kan.

it wasn't finish yet at the time the pic was taken.
but, i assure you, it was kiyyyyuuutt!

i wrote some stuffs on it. nothing much.
geng kancil! i'll show it to you guys one day :) hee~~ gembira rasa hati.

owh. and i wanna comment bout burn's pic. the one where she was looking straight at the camera.
yknow, with the pokok pokok behind.
i think it turned out creepy. the pic.
it's like burn was the yknow, nenek kebayan-like penjaga hutan. 
it's like she was saying, " jangan kau masuk KAWASAN aku! nanti akan ku panggilkan dukun santet dan jampikan kamu!"
and she would go all mengilai mengilai like nobody's business.

that's it :D


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@ 2:41 PM
fangirling is my thing.
went through all my conversations on fb message, and found this.
a lil something ain sent me before.

hmm. it's quite true, yknow.
when your fave singer/ band is on the tv, you'll go all fangirl-mode.
well, for me, it's because i can show to others that my BIGBANG can rock too. and that their MCR or i dknow, Hasnol weren't the only one :p

the ultimate BIGBANG fangirl :)


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@ 12:12 AM
raptor watch 2011 (ada maya karin dowh!)
pics i stole from burny boo's blog. 
tp maya karin tkde gambar lah. haih -.-

heh. i'll steal her pic from others :p

the bakau trek. we saw the raptors. but, heh. they were too far up high for us to see clearly.

we visited some of the stalls there.

the perhilitan uncle wasn't very friendly though. 
he was like, 'entahlah', 'pak cik tak tahu lah', 'pergi lah tanya orang yg tangkap tu' , 'cuba lah pegang' (he meant the preserved animals), 'jgn kuat sgt nnt tercabut bulu dia' and those kind of stuffs.
man. it's not like if you answered our questions, we will get enough infos to conduct illegal animal trading pun.
haih. jawab je lah. that's why ur here okay. to teach us. 
apa lah!

oh and izzati had some fun. she went and played games and all.
she was pretty much very excited for the games.
i don't really know why. hmm..

lastly. the jungle trek. ahhhh. PENAT OKAY!
who'd knew that pd's quite beautiful actually. 
heh. it's not pd, we're in melaka already so melaka lah yg beautiful kan?

and ooh ooh.
did you see the guy in the 3rd and 5th pic.
he was quite a hottie.
i think his name was cheah or something. 
there's another guy watching us from behind, his name was alvin, i think.
he's cute. it's like he have this nerdy chinese boy charm.

hah. datang tgk burung. tapi burung lain pulak yg menarik perhatian :p 
haha. itu pun kalau lah korang paham.

the end :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ 7:25 PM
of chores and happiness.
these days, i like doing the dishes.
with my mesin boogie in the pocket (yeah, i named my mp4 'mesin boogie'), washing plates seems such a fun chore to do.

sometimes i feel as if i was doing my own music video. or maybe having my own personal concert in the kitchen.

while i'm scrubbing the dirts off the plates,
i was actually driving, trying to get away from some gangstas.

while i'm trying my hardest to fit the pots on the rack,
i was actually pushing some rocks out of a cave entrance so that i could get out from the cave.

while i'm drying the plates, letting the all the water on them drip into the sink,
i was actually playing a tamborine for a band that's having their first concert.

hah. doing the dishes is a chore that i look forward to nowadays.
i get to be happy for a while. get creative with my imagination. take a break from my studies. break away from all the dramas going on in my life. have a good time :)


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Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 4:39 PM
nana ada baby.
yup. nana gave birth. yesterday i think.
a boy. 
and i heard from mama's conversation with ninab, that the boy looks like mazli.

so yeah. 
nana, hope you enjoy your 'late night nenen session' with that mazli look-alike of yours :)


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@ 4:34 PM
rebecca black.
who is this girl anyway? 

heh. anyway, she's annoying.

she's everywhere. even parodies of her.
she's popular just not in a good way.

sian dia. well, at least people know her existence now, right? :/


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@ 4:29 PM
pasu bunga.
haha. i went to jusco last wed. with sofea and ekin.

ekin brought her kimi.
he's her boyfriend.

sofea and me came with no one.
since sofea have some issues with her bf, and i'm single.

we watched black swan.
after that, sofea met a guy she knows.
danail was his name. yup, his name was spelled correctly.
he hang out with us for the rest of the day and was part of the group in no time.

and i was left with no one.
jadi pasu bunga weyh!

yes. life sucks.

plus, i felt kinda neglected after that. damn you guys.


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@ 4:23 PM
i've just realised.

boys my age doesn't look like boys anymore.
they have facial hairs now.

saw my primary school's friends yesterday.
actually, i passed by them.

they. look. different.
they have zits. they have jangguts. 

they're guys now. not boys.


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Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 1:20 PM
pakej percutian.
cuti. i love them. but nope. not this one.
i have lots and lots of pakej percutians.

wanna join?
i have one for bioland, addmathsia, mathematicore, republic physics and the united states of bahasa melayu :)


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@ 1:18 PM
him who i shall not name.
i made a quest for myself.

if it happens, it happens.
if it doesn't, then, we're just not meant to be.


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@ 1:17 PM
mama and me 1
mama's mad at me.
but heh. who cares :/


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Saturday, March 5, 2011 @ 12:53 PM
Bigbang - Tonight MV

actually, what's the point of them going to vegas to shoot?


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@ 12:49 PM
Bigbang - Tonight Performance Practice

aahhh. T.O.P, you're hot no matter what you do.


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@ 12:48 PM

big bang!
hmm, not a fan of gd's singing here.


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@ 12:47 PM

my fave in their new album.
btw, to those who commented on my status the other day.
it's just some lyrics.
nothing's wrong with me :)


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@ 12:45 PM

it's their comeback stage on sbs.


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@ 12:30 PM
of kfc in the morning.
mummy bought me kfc yesterday but i was having my 17 hours of sleep.
she woke me but i was not in a place to hear her knocking on the bedroom door.

so yeah, i woke up to kfc :)

but then daddy bought me some nasi lemak.
to not disappoint both of them, i ate them both, the nasi lemak and kfc.

i am currently a very happy kid.
i am very blessed compared to all those african children without food. nor water, i think.

still, i had too much nasi lemak these past few weeks.
sorry papa, but this kid prefer her mummy's kfc :)


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@ 12:25 PM
17 hours.
i had a 17 hours of sleep.

it was hmm, back-aching?

yeah, my back hurts a lot. i mean A LOT.
not gonna do it again. well, i might but not in the nearest time.



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@ 12:20 PM
mama and me 2
haha, yeah.
today she came back home with a new watch.
that is a RM 10 cheap-no style looking kind of watch.

but, she felt very happy for it. 
so let's just let her be happy.
she thinks that it's very young and trendy in style. 
i was thinking of the opposite.

still, mummychan, i heart you.


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@ 12:17 PM
pew pew~ *sound of a fired gun*
yeah. pew pew~


four times in the same week.

three times for, yknow, not wearing a tudung.
dude, like c'mon.
kalau kau kebetulan lah baca post ni, jangan lah terasa okay.

once for kuku panjang.
yup. the H.E.M serang-ed me :(
she was scary. 
she asked me, ' muzni, kenapa kuku panjang?'
i looked straight in her ursula-eyes and kept quiet.
yknow, since sometimes it's better to keep quiet than saying something.
in the end, i just mumbled, 'aah, umm, ehhh, umm, ahhh, umm.'

well, we will always get into troubles in life.
life without trouble is absurd.


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@ 12:09 PM
bak kata ekin, nasib baik bukan spm.
hah. EXAM!

yeah, just complete our march test. it sucks as usual.
i didn't read any books for the whole exam.
i did the same thing the day before each paper i'm sitting for. sleeping.
during the exam, i sleep. after the exam, i sleep.

haih -.-
i think i have some problems with my health or something like that.
it seems that i lack energy.

even though i did nothing that deserves an A, i still wish for an A. 
what a useless wish, right?

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