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Friday, February 25, 2011 @ 6:18 PM
yupi yupi.
yupi lied. 
their gummy worms aren't neon at all.
it's nothing close to neon.
huh. i'm disappointed :(


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@ 6:09 PM
slurpee my love.
sorry lah. baru perasan yang i actually love slurpee.

love their cincau strawberry and tutti fruity flavour.
there's this one other flavour that i like. 
not sure bout the name lah.



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@ 6:07 PM
G.NA - Black & White MV

they're cute together. 
not a fan of those fussy-girlfriend act, though :/


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@ 6:05 PM
Mighty Mouth ft Lee Joo Bin (Soya) - Tok Tok (톡톡) MV

my current fave. 
this and's black and white.
it's just that's dance to the song is kinda weird.
why do you ski for a chick-flick's-love-song kind of song?


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@ 6:02 PM
is it really my money?
yeah. i just found out that i can actually withdraw my savings.

mama asked me if i know how much money i have since i kept questioning the prices for everything.
mama said that i shouldn't be so cheap on everything and that i should splurge on some stuffs too.
hah. i never thought i would be hearing those words coming out from mama's mouth.

she said that she already changed the name on my account.
so, i could go and withdraw the money myself.
mummy even offered to drive me there, to the bank :)

hee~~ i love my mummy all of a sudden <3.

mamaluv even asked what do i want to spend my money on.
all the while, there's only LG lollipop going through my head.
however, i can't say that i want to buy a phone. she would just say that it's useless and such.

hah. so i just kept quiet.
so lia oh lia, wherever you are, let's go shopping or something when you get back.

i think i want to get a facial or some kind of treatment for my bumpy nose :/


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@ 5:51 PM
typical me :/
heh. i'm always like this.
i'd say that i don't like something, but after a while, i'll realize that i actually like that something.

there's another nerdy boy in class. 
i think he's been in my class for a while now, just, baru sekarang perasan.
haha. he's cute :3

but nahh...
i won't be admitting i like him or crushing on him since i rated him as 'just okay' before to a certain someone.
if i admit i like him, then, i'll just turn into one of those girls who, yknow, 'dulu kata tak suka tapi sekarang suka pulak' kind of girl.

it turns out, this new nerdy boy is actually quite popular with the girls.
who'd knew.

well, not me of course.

hah. not a chance lah nampaknya kan? btw, i think i saw him at the library before. 
kalau lah tu dia. kalau lah.
for an unknown reason, i end up staring at him all the while he was there.
haih -.- muzni muzni.


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Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 12:03 AM
tick tock.

kancil was smokin today. smokin hot!
guess there were too many male kancils she's flirting with.

GATAL kancil tu.
still, i'm wondering. 
kenapa kancil tak berasap bila dtg dekat dengan kancil handsome abg paan. 

heh. side effects of joining geng kancil's goda-ing activities kot :/


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Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 1:03 PM
mama : yang penting ada style.
haha. yeah. 
mama actually pentingkan style.
i'm surprised myself.

that mama. 
that mamaluv i have, who enjoys wearing her torn baju cinderalela actually think about being stylish too.

well, it was last thurs. on my way to physics class.
mama said that she always forget to wear her new spectacles.
the one that she consider stylish since it have this thick white frames, i think.
not sure about it myself. hehe.

and she said that the old specs are much lighter. so, she tends to wear 'em at home.
and so i replied, 'power sume still sama ke?'

mama pun explain, 'huuh. power sama cuma lain frame je. kalau pergi sekolah kenalah ada style~ tapi yg tu beratlah.'

i laughed at her statement. like really? really mama? 
she preferred the weight-y one for style.
for god sake mummy, you're not that young anymore to compete with all that young stylish teachers. 
haih -.-"
nvm lah, you're my mamaluv. i'll let it pass.


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Friday, February 4, 2011 @ 6:00 PM
sesi nurani.
geng kancil gonna put all their GODA-ing activities on halt for a while.

we're going to ain's house later.
there's this solat hajat kenduri going on.
so yeah. there's gonna be some sesi nurani for us kancilians. 
we're gonna be insaf-ing for a while.

heh. yup, for a while :P

biasalah solat hajat ni.
untuk keselamatan geng kancil ketika menggoda and for moi, the junior kancil. 
which is going to take her spm later this year. haih! -.-"

okay. that's it for now.
nak kena mandi and berwangi-wangian for tonight :)
yknow, not that i'm saying i'm busuk and all.
just going to clean up myself a lil.


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@ 1:13 PM
GD&TOP - SBS Popular Music - Don't Leave 집에 가지마

hah. comel sungguh mereka ini!
although i'm not a big fan of TOP's pink suit and GD's girl-like dancing, still love them.

okay okay, GD's girl-like dancing is cute. but. yknow, it looks gay :/

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@ 1:10 PM
GD&TOP - Baby Good Night MV

okay okay. i'll go to sleep early for you guys :)
heh. it's probably because i'm too tired to stay awake. 

*eyebrows raised* 

heh. yknow what i mean :P

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@ 1:06 PM
wahai geng kancil sekalian, 


yes yes, i know.
he's a jerk :/
he's a cute jerk :D

hehe. comellah dia tu. 

hey dayah, patutkah kita bersama sama melupakan the jerks in our life?
susahkan? sangat susah bila the jerks are cute jerks. hehe :P

okay okay. i've made up my mind.
i'll forget him.
be proud of me kay. cause, susah tau ni!
be proud!


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