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Sunday, January 30, 2011 @ 10:38 AM
good morning.
what a beautiful morning.
okay, it's raining like hell yeah out there so, nope. it's not a beautiful day.

daddy bought soto today.
he went to pick me up from add maths class (yeah. i do have an add maths class at 7 o'clock in the MORNING and i had to wake up like very very early) and then went straight to stadium to buy our breakfast since mamaluv balik ke kampung halaman with our famous ninab.
so yeah. what a nice way to start your morning.

and what d'ya know.
my lovely lovely lil kitties left me a present in front of the sliding door today.
it was sure RAT-TASTIC :D
hah. i shall curse at them with all my might!

oh oh.
since it's raining like hell yeah today, my hair's all puffy.
i can be the next puff mummy!
so, sean 'puffy to puff daddy to p.diddy to diddy dirty money' combs, give way to muzni 'dirty-minded puffy mummy' mustapa!

uhuh~ *their slang* you heard that right, mister. *again. their slang*
sorry about the third name calling. i just thought that if i wrote the N word, it would be just plain RACIST.

i guess that's pretty much it.
a summary of my wonderful morning. heh. abaikan the rat-tastic prez i got from my lovely kitties.


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Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 10:36 PM
rambut lagi :)

a few of my friends kept suggesting me to cut my hair short now.
i wonder why?

today, cikroki suggested the very same thing.
the very same hair style.

i had been thinking about it for a while now.
but, mamaluv said that i don't look really good in short hair.


heh. mamaluv, i'm sorry.
but i'll cut my hair short!
so mamaluv, let's take a trip to our dear ayu, okay~


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@ 10:27 PM
when's my turn?
our little burn get to have her own lil romance going on with her mamat afro~

when will it be my turn, huh?
really wish to  have one. at least before i'm 18.

dear cupid, hook me up with someone cool, will ya?


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@ 10:23 PM
mama and gay talk.
mama's having a gay talk with cikroki.

man, i'm like 2 metres away kot.
i don't wanna here bout your speculations!
i really don't want to hear about the guy's mood or penis erecting in the damn sauna!

mamaluv, please!

it seems like they changed the topic already.
they're talking about dajal right now.
they sure repent fast!


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@ 10:19 PM
SEUNGRI (VI) - What Can I Do?

the panda's here. the panda's here.
it's his comeback.
oh my god! it's only a matter of time before BIGBANG's comeback.


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@ 10:17 PM
secret garden~

gil ra-im and kim joo-won~
awwhhh. they look so good together...


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@ 10:09 PM
ha ji won (gil ra-im)

man, she's hot.

oh yeah, forgot to tell ya.
i watch secret garden now.
it's this new drama.
it's cool.
she's the main actress.
damn she's hot.
she have nice hair too :P

i finished watching it this afternoon.
the ending was a bummer, though.
the couple had a happy ending.
the guy's hot too.
but, he already have a girlfriend in real life.
i really thought the two looked very good in this drama.

they even had some steamy kisses.
i am pretty sure they shared a very passionate french kiss.
but, the camera kept moving here and there that i'm not really sure anymore :(

heh. i'll just leave it with my imaginations.
and according to my imagination, they were french kissing. hehe :P

he's the hot guy.

here's them together. omg omg!

and there's the foam kiss and party kiss.
i prefer the party kiss, though.

the production crew just released the behind-the-scenes stills.
they looked so cute acting very shy shy around each other after the minute-long kiss.


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Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 10:04 PM
i think i'll do the civics thingy later. folios sucks man!


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Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 11:50 AM
dayah hearts m2.
yup yup. i have this certain friend of mine. 
so yeah, she just created a blog.
and i'm here to promote it. 

here i go.
come come and visit dayah's blog. 


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@ 11:44 AM
am i that popular?
yeah, i managed to get another rank or job or whatever you call them in kpa.
i'm their new pres. 
well, okay, i was the treasurer to begin with. 
but the girl who's supposed to be the pres didn't want her job.
so, we exchanged places.

btw, kpa is actually Kelab Pecinta Alam.
cinta alam lah sgt.

that's it.
that's was all that i wanted to write today.
till the next post, bye :)

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Sunday, January 9, 2011 @ 4:58 PM
trust me, vote for me and i'll keep ya happy :)
no don't trust me.
don't ever trust me.
yknow me, well, i'm a liar.
haha. those were the exact words that came out of top's mouth.
but still, i mean it too.

hampir terlupa :)
dah dah, let's leave all that liar nonsense at that.

i just wanna brag a lil bout myself. hehe.
so, i'm, the setiausaha of dang anum now. green house. of my school. the sports house. y'get me, right?
oh yeah. 
i won by majority kot. bangga seyh! :P

heh. rasanya the form ones didn't even know me.
they just voted for me cause the form fives are voting for me. aaahhhhh, love my friends :)

so, that's it.
datang nak bangga bangga pasal tu je. hihihihihihihi *evil laugh*

and burn was the ketua bola baling. i was like sayy whaaatt??
haha. burn. bola baling? haha. i'm practically laughing my ass off right now.
a lil shout out to burn now.
"yo burn. harap harap tangan kau cukup lah kuat seperti yg dikatakan khai :P"

oh oh. elya was the captain of dang anum.
that was a shocker!
dia tak di-nominate-kan pun. i'm the setiausaha yg kena write down nama pun terkejut.
haha. i was like, tipulahhh. and she was like, betullah. cikgu pilih saya! i was still like, tipulahhh. and she was kinda pissed. 
now, a lil shout out to elya.
"haha. sorry lah elya. cubalah tanya satu sekolah tu, gerenti semua terkejut. still, i'm wishing you the best in leading dang anum. bak kata kau, when i say DANG ANUM, you say, BOLEH! when i say DANG ANUM, you say, JUARA! have fun, okay. tak sangka kau ni bersemangat. memang haha lah!"

so, let's us all dang anum's out there do our best this year. DANG ANUM, YEAH!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011 @ 10:06 PM
layan me layan me~~
i really have nowhere to go. 
i'm here just now. and i'm back here now.
i actually went to facebook multiple times today.
i im-ed everyone.
they didn't replied me back :(

i'm bored.
really bored.
i know. i should go study.
but, studying sucks.

esok tusyen.
add maths.
hate em and not gonna start loving em.

i am really bored.


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@ 10:03 PM
DBSK/TVXQ - Why (Keep Your Head Down) MV

here it is. very dramatic movements.


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@ 10:02 PM
Mblaq - Cry MV


they look good with those dark eyeliners. 
very hot bad boy-ish style they have there.

don't worry boys.
you have my shoulders to cry on.
i'll take her place, okay?


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@ 9:36 PM
video reviews.
watched mblaq's new cry mv.
it was pretty good.
the choreo's nice.

i even downloaded the song.

also watched tvxq's keep your head down mv.
it was okay.
prefer mblaq better.
however, sometimes i wonder. how can they have a humongous fan base?
in my opinion, they're just.........okay.


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@ 9:27 PM
IU yang AYU.
i like IU since she's AYU. haha. i like all these word plays.

oh oh. there's these videos on youtube that i watched. they're pretty funny.
it's just some kpop's video reviews.
they're a couple from canada, i think. 

it's called eatyourkimchi.


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@ 9:18 PM
life is unexpected.
everything might seems fine, but, is it really?


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Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 12:37 AM
sambil menyelam minum air.
currently online-ing in front of the tv. 

there's happy together on right now.
but at the same time, i want to stay on facebook im-ing.

hence, here i am.
hah. this is hard.

that's it. i'll just watch the show's rerun this sat.

oh my god. it's 12 already. tomorrow sekolah but here i am.
dang it muzni! kata nak jd pelajar yg baik :P
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@ 12:32 AM
back to school
yup. school just started last monday.

and yeah, it sucks.
but heh, i'll just bear with it for now.
tak lama lagi keluarlah sekolah.

my other tuition classes haven't started yet.
so, there's pretty much extra time in my daily schedule.
apa lagi. guna sebagai masa tidur-tiduran lah :)
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Sunday, January 2, 2011 @ 11:26 PM
a lil HAHA.

a lil some 'in i stole from tumblr :)
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Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 12:08 PM
new year celebration!
welcomed 2011 on jusco's rooftop. with geng kancil, of course.
there were some other people with us up there.
we started the day with a picnic at lake garden.
awww...we are such ladylike girls :)

there were some other pics. but i think they're with hezrin. 

we even had a sudden karaoke session!
it was very sudden.

and lastly. to jusco we went.
actually we went to city park first. but, there was nothing happening there.
so, we just drove off to jusco :3

we were pretty crazy. i even climbed up mamaluv's car.
i had fun. 
we saw some fireworks. so, that's new year-ish, right?
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@ 11:59 AM
geng kancil in '10.

yeah, i know. i hang out with older peeps.
i guess i just like adult companion ;)
and they gave me such great memories!
good luck to fellow geng kancil in 2011.
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