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Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 7:53 PM
that happy post i talked about!

such happy faces!

yay! i have kain-s for baju kurung! 
but one of them making me feel a slight guilt towards mummy.
yeah, i got tired of being mad at mummy. :P

i felt guilty cause mummy kept saying that the price for the kain was too much! 
not too much but a lil on the mahal side, i guess..
what can i do, she asked me to pick one -i picked one!

and the kain have these little rose prints on it.
and mummy said that if you like to pick little tiny prints means you're a coward!
like that help the guilt?

so, i ignored it and just be happy on the thought that i will have my own tailor-made baju kurung! 
dah cukup umur kot?
ai lee! here i come!
selalu dapat baju dah siap, ni dapat yang tailor punya, haaaaaaaa~~~~~~happy!
haha! no more last minute shopping at zulda masri for raya!'s an embarassing story!
this happened to me last week!

after bm paper, i went to the toilet.
walk and walk and walk.
stand like a stupid person in the toilet for a while before i decided i want to enter one of the cubicles...

when i entered it, i finally realized that my zipper was open! like damn open! 
do you think people around saw me lil panty in there? i hope not!

dah la tu je.
if you think it's funny, then it's funny.
if not, then it's not!

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@ 7:35 PM
aboy and me 1
i hate them! 
when i said rain, i mean waters from the damn sky, not that rain guy!

i got back from school and it rained.
it was pretty heavy!
okay, it was really heavy!
there's lightning and such! and thunders! and strangers inviting you to ride their car!

i was scared to death thinking that i might be found dead later on!
cause of death : strucked by lightning.

i reached home after a guy invite me to ride his car and i declined.
well, he invited me for a ride home when i'm already IN FRONT of my house!
so, i declined.
the guy then went on with his kancil in the rain.

reached home, find mummy!
asked her why didn't she picked me up like she always do.
she said she's waiting for my phonecall.
i'm a student for god sake! i DON'T bring handphones around with me to school! okay, sometimes i do.
so, went to my room and cried cause i was too angry to be calm..get it?

cry,cry,cry then went for a bathe.

when i got out, mummy asked me to call lia and ask her when she'll be coming home.
and so, i REFUSED! haha! it was fun refusing mama. :P

the conversation:

dik, gi call lia, tanya dia bila dia balik.

so i replied sarcastically,

tunggu jelah. pandailah dia call sendiri suruh kita jemput.

and i guess she realised it and said,

dia lain....dia ada handphone, boleh call. adik tak, tu susah.

and now she finally realized that i can't call her?

when i explained, she said that she didn't know what time the school dismissed.
it's exam week, of course like the normal 2.30 pm!
and she knows it! i know she knows it!

to add to that,
aboy kept on teasing me.
he kept saying; uni basah~~~ ala siannya, uni basah~~

tell me, how can i not be hating him?

dahlah.....taknak cakap pasal tu lagi.
so, ninab's here rite now.
she's talking about wedding's stuff and curtains and all those boring stuffs.
ha, ha, look at that! mama is gossiping about me IN FRONT of me!
about i sulked and all.

lia's sleeping. aboy's trying to take a peek at what i'm writing about. annoyinglah this bro of mine!

next post will be a happy one! i mean it!

p/s mama uni 
2nd p/s i just heard the makcik belakang rumah sneezed! it was hilarious!


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@ 7:09 PM

what's up, peeps!
sorry for not updating last last weekends.

i am busy! exams yknow! it's kinda im-por-tant!
well. i need to study hard since they'll be streaming us for classes using mid year's marks! damn!
ysee it's kinda important for me to stay in Mr. C's class! 
yes, he sucks, but,  the other teachers not!

and so, i've studied like hell-yeah! still, i sucked at e-ve-ry-thang!
aaarrrgghhh, i hate exams! 
hate them more when they're important!

well well, let's leave that matter behind us shall we!
hah! i've finally changed the size of my shoutbox!
it turns out there's a button to change size! man, i need to explore the damn shoutbox!
my blog skin changed to! 
haha, there's my pic! such lovely muzni!

wahhh, perasan much!
ayayayayai!!!!!! i need to go study now! buy-buy!
i mean bye-bye!
so long till next update! :)
a lil patience could help!


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Thursday, May 20, 2010 @ 8:23 PM
blog nak chantek.
ayyo! is this what you've been waitin for?
here you go!

i'll update this later...
on the weekends, maybe.

sorry to disappoint ya!

by that time, this whole blog will look nicer and the shoutbox will get bigger! yay, right?

peace out, yo! :)


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 @ 8:12 PM
childish form ones
i had to take care of the form ones today since the teachers were busy crying over Pn. NA.
no! she's not dead!
she's just moving to shams for a better job!

soooo, the girls started fighting over some very remeh-temeh punya problem.
i'll tell ya the story..

girl A is very happy bout her success as a conductress for choral speaking, soo she tells everybody in the class bout the flawless work she had done. kononnya lah. therefore, girl B and C chatted with her for a while and commented on some stuffs that happened during her performance. girl A gone mad. according to girl A, no one can comment her performance except for parents and teachers. girl B and C did not agree. and the fight begins...

girl A starts to tell others that girl B and C were jealous of her ( again, kononnya lah). girl B and C are now furious. and then, vanessa datang, yeah vanessa voo and zatil and revathy....ahhh soo many councils! well v and z pergi pujuk them and everything but r did nothing! and so it is, the form one's fight!

they suck! naik darah tinggi jaga budak2 kecik ni...
hate them and will never love them! 
haha, sorry kids! i may look and act friendly with you but deep inside, you will never know!


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@ 7:55 PM
thongs issues...
yeah, thongs CAN be an issue too...
recently, i logged on to allkpop, a korean tabloid website...
and their latest news are about some girl from a girl group were caught wearing a thong. :O
and that made me wonder....what's so wrong about that?!?!

so she wants to be sexy, let her be! 
she likes to wear thongs on daily basis, let her be!
she likes to shake her lil booty in a thong, so LET HER BE!

y'see, i don't think it's wrong or unacceptable...
so why should other people be? 
i mean, just let that girl wear her freakin thong happily, maybe she feels it's easier to dance in them.

the main thing is, we should mind our own business!
why should we care about others' dirty lil secrets? 
would you like to people to know about your secret interest in porn? no, right?
sooo, to those busybody netizens, just let that poor girl dance happily in her thongs, okay.
judge it youself :

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Sunday, May 9, 2010 @ 10:55 AM
to whoa or to woah?
sooooo, i forgot to tell you guys that m.a.c stands for majlis anugerah cemerlang.
lia m.a.c is not a cosmetic counter okay..

owh....i updated my blog today coz i have a question.
how to spell woah?
or is it whoa?
i saw that aly and aj's song title is whoa.....but i usually spells whoa as woah.. 

not to forget, i wanna thank you all for those shouts...
thank you~~~


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Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 10:03 PM
i WILL go to the M.A.C again!!

i went to the m.a.c today! papa was there, hanan was there and many more...
mama can't come though...she need to teach those lil kids at school!
damn, those kids..

well, i get an award for my pmr results! mb dtg woooo!!! haha, suka lak dia!
pics :
here i wanna say something, in your face UPSR!!! ;{D


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@ 9:50 PM
Mr. C Mengganas!!!!!
fyi, the yit-yit thingy was supposed to be like those popular creepy sound in horror movie...

okayokay.....gini citer eh,
this mr. C i know is getting dirtier and dirtier day by day...
not dirty as in "eeeewwww.....he didn't wash his hands after pooping!!!" but more on the  
"eeeeewwwww....he called me his girlfriend again! :( "

you see, this mr. C said to this one girl before that she is "voluptuous"...
and now he started calling every random girl that entered his phy lab, his girlfriend..
it's creepy to see a teacher keep saying "i miss u everyday" to his students!
is he a pedophile or something??
well, today we studied bout spring constant and the topic gravitational something came up...
so, he used a soap to show an example of the situation...
asked my whole class to have a bath with him! like whaaaatttt????
such dirty teacher la that mr. C.

hah! enough of that! i came late to school :P
well, not late-late but still late la...haha...i'm confusing people now!
therefore, i asked papa to drive faster and you know what he said?
obviously not "yes, uni" but "tak payah.....nnt accident! kita mesti sabar so perjalanan kita lancar!"
like huh? kalau kita laju mestilah sampai cepat rite?
tapi's still my fault for getting up later than usual! :)
but daddy, next time, will ya just listen to me and step on it ?


i have a mentee of my own now!
haiseh! apa nk ajar dia huh?
so her name is adelin ann (not sure how to spell it! :P)
 i even made a new prefect book for her! don't really know why! hehe....baik sangat rite?
kata je tk suka...but go and wrote a new book for her!


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Monday, May 3, 2010 @ 8:18 PM
shout me, ya'll!
well, i'm not asking for shouts or's just that when i'm leaving a shout out to my sis just now, i realized something, the only person leaving me shouts is.......*drum rolls*........lia!

like cmon!!!!!
you read me posts, you leave me shouts lah..
dahla blog ni nmpk sunyi je...
boringlah reply shouts to the same person again and again and again...

lia....keep it up..
tp sarah, you read this rite? leave me something...
sob sob..T.T

a friendly hello or even a sarcastic hi is all i wanted! ok maybe more...

conclusion : give me shouts and i'll be happy! :)
                   i'll say please too! n.n
                   here i go, to all reading this blog,  
                   leave me shouts!.......................please~~~~


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@ 6:32 PM
last post's sequel!
okay first of all, i wanna tell ya the truth lia! i really meant meninggal as in takde nyawa punya...
not sex! like eeewwww.....who wanna know bout people having sex in the dark? 

and for those who have nooooo idea on what i'm talkin bout......see lia's page!!

actually i wanna tell ya'll that "another thing" i wanna tell ya'll on the last post..get it?
and it was nothing be exact it was nothing! this is just a way of mine to let you all wait "excitedly" for my next post! 
pfft..."excitedly"? that sounds sooooo dirty in my mind!
well, this blog is called 'unichansdirtyblog' rite? 
soo, what the hell! :)

therefore, i won't be talking, i mean writing bout that la..

but i do have something to dish though...
first of all, i have mid-term's exam next 24th of may! :( exam SUCKS!

secondly, i wanna tell ya'll bout how puterians became a platoon today! did i spelled it write? platoon~~
yeah, we were asked to jaga sedia and senang diri and such just bcoz we didn't sang the school's song with har~~~mo~~~ny~~~~~! *i'm singing that part so please understand the wave sign, guys!

and, and, and, i realized that my fringe is actually a nay! 
it looks bad and i hate it...

wow! after school is on tv rite now! damn they're hot playing the drums! fiery hot......
oh,oh,oh! i'm not gay, okay!
just a normal crush on sexy women's body...can't blame me!
they're just too hot to be a human!
i wonder...if i have that kind of body....wuuu~~~i can have guy's at the flick of fingers...
hehe ;P

soooooo, bye! n.n
man, i'm weird!
just now sad and now happy...muzni thinks muzni is craaaazyyyy...


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Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ 2:09 AM
me love ADAM!
unfortunately, ADAM's not a guy...
it's ga-in and jo-kwon....current fave!
yeah, i got korean fever! ahhh~ such lame uni!
well, not my fault! it's mama's, NO! it's cik anit's fault! 
she's the one who made me like this! blame her!

dah dah, let's move on!
soooo, i heard that *some of the readers are complaining coz i rarely update my blog! you go!
a new updated post which consists of mostly nothing! heeeee.....! :)

okayokay, i'll tell you what's been happening lately in my life.
well, there's not much though, 
hurm...let me think....let me think....

well, i helped mama did her cukai thingy...and it's kinda not fun! this is usually lia's job! 
lia! come back home please! and tolong jadi kerani mama balik! :P

owh owh owh! i also started doing my hworks and it wasn't that bad!
coz they're not that hard! plus, the teachers not gonna scold ya anymore!
YEAH to that!

and today, my class was scolded by the so-called **DATIN PJK! damn her!
i heard this from the kids from the class next door, the betarians, and they said that datin doesn't like our class...
it's because that class pandai pandai kononnya kurang ajar and such..
apa kena lak dia ni? belum ajar dah buat assumptions! 
ni yg rasa nk curse ni! 
haiseh! here i go!!!!!!! TAPIR BETUL DIA TU!

okayokay.......let's continue!
haha..this week cam jahat skit sooo i brought my mp4 to school!
wow, jahatnya!!!!!~~

moving on to tv's! yeah, there's not much of watchable shows on the tv rite now....
don't really know why. soooo, this week my nights were mostly filled with some random shows i found on that particular time..

and i think, this shows i'm watching could be my next tv schedule since they can be considered as good eyes' treats!
let's see, i have scrubs and 30 rock in this schedule of mine...
and hayate the butler! -yeah, i watch animax! FINALLY, the channel CAN be put to some use!
there's also the billlionaire thingy and cinderella's sister! cmon! like who wouldn't want to watch cinderella be the bad gal, rite? well, not me! i'm stayin ya'll!

oooh oooh ooooooh!
i have something! 
i have something else!

but i thing i'll write it later's 2 am rite now and i am very sleeepyyyyy! T-T
didn't take my nap just now! 
sooooo....ja bye bye like lia used to say! even now, i still haven't found the meaning of ja in front of the bye-bye!
maybe she just like the sound? well, guess so! coz it's kinda rhyming in a sort of not rhyming way....get it? 
dahla....bye! :)

p/s : * actually it's only one! it's lia! yeah, one of the four people i know reading my blog! :)
       ** names takkan diberitahu! haha, takut kena gantung sekolah or anything..


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