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Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
Then, I should work hard!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 8:17 PM
big bang is v.i.p! you all can see, i changed my blog's skin..
and yeah...i am a big fan of them! hurm, soooo i'm kinda sorry cos in these few months i kept writing emo-posts....kinda like the last one.

therefore, to day i'm going to write on the silly things going on in my head rite now..
~In my head,I see you all over me,In my head,you fulfill my fantasy,You'll be scre...~
OWHKAYY..that's kinda dirty and a bit weird! that damn jason derulo-planting his evil dirty lyrics in my head! again, in my head!

let us just leave that aside for now,
continuing to my really-obvious-but-why-didn't-i-realize-it discovery!
well, this week K4 came to seremban and she brought the little devil with her..
i was pissed but i let it go. like why should i waste my piss-ness on him, rite?
but later, i CAN-NOT put up with him anymore and i decided that i won't be liking any kids from now on...don't care how cute the baby is-not gonna care!
except for my future kids of course!
and today i think the universe is hating him too cos today he kinda got punished by the universe in a very painful way! he put his finger on the iron! yeah, stuups much!
and he cried and cried like i don't know how many barrels of tears and kinda distrupted my "Happy Together" session! kebencian yg melampau kat dia sangat sekarang ni!


there's the final for n9 vs kedah i think on the tv rite now..and my momma is sittin in front of the tv hoping that n9 will win! to tell ya the truth, i don't think they will though..since they lose last week..
and owh,owh,owh....i kinda had a dream last night and i don't know but i think i just promise to god i will be nice from now on...cos in that dream i was supposed to die from drowning...cos the apocalypse and bagai..
and now, i kinda felt bad if i didn't fulfill that promise soooo god! I'm going to be nice from now on but i may changed a lil and not drastically terus pakai purdah bagai..

let's leave that there and continue to my hectic week..
i had 17 homeworks to be done this weekend! yeah 17! damn la that headmistress nak mintak buku pulak...kaki da sakit tp still nk buat kerja bnyk-bnyk!
and i broke my promise to the chem teach last week, i told her i would send my chem file to her at the end of the day but i didn't! haha....jahat!
and still, i'm sittin here rite now not doing my homeworks! cita-cita je lebih!

so, recently i've been rajin all of the sudden, i stayed back at school just to do my homeworks, but still tak siap cos bnyk sangat..haha..
and today i vacuumed the house clean! like really-really-really clean!
aaawww...i'm proud of myself! :P

owh ya! lupa nk cakap kemarau milo kat rumah kini TAMAT! yeah!!!:D

rite now i'm kinda desperate, i don't know why? i really want MY OWN guy rite MINE! therefore, i'm going to lose all my flabbiness! haha! yeah, sambil-sambil hati dah nak rajin baiklah buat benda-benda berguna camni,rite?

aaaahhhhh...finally i'm at ease knowing my blog is updated..even if there's only one post for this month...i am happy!


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