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Hi. I'm Unichanzzz and I'm a Unicorn!
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Gosh I just love myself.
I'm just fucking cute, right? Haha!
Oh my god, not to mention, I'm funny too.
Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
Then, I should work hard!
Don't blame me,everyone wants a happy ending of their own.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 @ 8:12 PM
childish form ones
i had to take care of the form ones today since the teachers were busy crying over Pn. NA.
no! she's not dead!
she's just moving to shams for a better job!

soooo, the girls started fighting over some very remeh-temeh punya problem.
i'll tell ya the story..

girl A is very happy bout her success as a conductress for choral speaking, soo she tells everybody in the class bout the flawless work she had done. kononnya lah. therefore, girl B and C chatted with her for a while and commented on some stuffs that happened during her performance. girl A gone mad. according to girl A, no one can comment her performance except for parents and teachers. girl B and C did not agree. and the fight begins...

girl A starts to tell others that girl B and C were jealous of her ( again, kononnya lah). girl B and C are now furious. and then, vanessa datang, yeah vanessa voo and zatil and revathy....ahhh soo many councils! well v and z pergi pujuk them and everything but r did nothing! and so it is, the form one's fight!

they suck! naik darah tinggi jaga budak2 kecik ni...
hate them and will never love them! 
haha, sorry kids! i may look and act friendly with you but deep inside, you will never know!


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