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Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 7:35 PM
aboy and me 1
i hate them! 
when i said rain, i mean waters from the damn sky, not that rain guy!

i got back from school and it rained.
it was pretty heavy!
okay, it was really heavy!
there's lightning and such! and thunders! and strangers inviting you to ride their car!

i was scared to death thinking that i might be found dead later on!
cause of death : strucked by lightning.

i reached home after a guy invite me to ride his car and i declined.
well, he invited me for a ride home when i'm already IN FRONT of my house!
so, i declined.
the guy then went on with his kancil in the rain.

reached home, find mummy!
asked her why didn't she picked me up like she always do.
she said she's waiting for my phonecall.
i'm a student for god sake! i DON'T bring handphones around with me to school! okay, sometimes i do.
so, went to my room and cried cause i was too angry to be calm..get it?

cry,cry,cry then went for a bathe.

when i got out, mummy asked me to call lia and ask her when she'll be coming home.
and so, i REFUSED! haha! it was fun refusing mama. :P

the conversation:

dik, gi call lia, tanya dia bila dia balik.

so i replied sarcastically,

tunggu jelah. pandailah dia call sendiri suruh kita jemput.

and i guess she realised it and said,

dia lain....dia ada handphone, boleh call. adik tak, tu susah.

and now she finally realized that i can't call her?

when i explained, she said that she didn't know what time the school dismissed.
it's exam week, of course like the normal 2.30 pm!
and she knows it! i know she knows it!

to add to that,
aboy kept on teasing me.
he kept saying; uni basah~~~ ala siannya, uni basah~~

tell me, how can i not be hating him?

dahlah.....taknak cakap pasal tu lagi.
so, ninab's here rite now.
she's talking about wedding's stuff and curtains and all those boring stuffs.
ha, ha, look at that! mama is gossiping about me IN FRONT of me!
about i sulked and all.

lia's sleeping. aboy's trying to take a peek at what i'm writing about. annoyinglah this bro of mine!

next post will be a happy one! i mean it!

p/s mama uni 
2nd p/s i just heard the makcik belakang rumah sneezed! it was hilarious!


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