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Hi. I'm Unichanzzz and I'm a Unicorn!
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Gosh I just love myself.
I'm just fucking cute, right? Haha!
Oh my god, not to mention, I'm funny too.
Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
Then, I should work hard!
Don't blame me,everyone wants a happy ending of their own.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ 2:09 AM
me love ADAM!
unfortunately, ADAM's not a guy...
it's ga-in and jo-kwon....current fave!
yeah, i got korean fever! ahhh~ such lame uni!
well, not my fault! it's mama's, NO! it's cik anit's fault! 
she's the one who made me like this! blame her!

dah dah, let's move on!
soooo, i heard that *some of the readers are complaining coz i rarely update my blog! you go!
a new updated post which consists of mostly nothing! heeeee.....! :)

okayokay, i'll tell you what's been happening lately in my life.
well, there's not much though, 
hurm...let me think....let me think....

well, i helped mama did her cukai thingy...and it's kinda not fun! this is usually lia's job! 
lia! come back home please! and tolong jadi kerani mama balik! :P

owh owh owh! i also started doing my hworks and it wasn't that bad!
coz they're not that hard! plus, the teachers not gonna scold ya anymore!
YEAH to that!

and today, my class was scolded by the so-called **DATIN PJK! damn her!
i heard this from the kids from the class next door, the betarians, and they said that datin doesn't like our class...
it's because that class pandai pandai kononnya kurang ajar and such..
apa kena lak dia ni? belum ajar dah buat assumptions! 
ni yg rasa nk curse ni! 
haiseh! here i go!!!!!!! TAPIR BETUL DIA TU!

okayokay.......let's continue!
haha..this week cam jahat skit sooo i brought my mp4 to school!
wow, jahatnya!!!!!~~

moving on to tv's! yeah, there's not much of watchable shows on the tv rite now....
don't really know why. soooo, this week my nights were mostly filled with some random shows i found on that particular time..

and i think, this shows i'm watching could be my next tv schedule since they can be considered as good eyes' treats!
let's see, i have scrubs and 30 rock in this schedule of mine...
and hayate the butler! -yeah, i watch animax! FINALLY, the channel CAN be put to some use!
there's also the billlionaire thingy and cinderella's sister! cmon! like who wouldn't want to watch cinderella be the bad gal, rite? well, not me! i'm stayin ya'll!

oooh oooh ooooooh!
i have something! 
i have something else!

but i thing i'll write it later's 2 am rite now and i am very sleeepyyyyy! T-T
didn't take my nap just now! 
sooooo....ja bye bye like lia used to say! even now, i still haven't found the meaning of ja in front of the bye-bye!
maybe she just like the sound? well, guess so! coz it's kinda rhyming in a sort of not rhyming way....get it? 
dahla....bye! :)

p/s : * actually it's only one! it's lia! yeah, one of the four people i know reading my blog! :)
       ** names takkan diberitahu! haha, takut kena gantung sekolah or anything..


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