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Gosh I just love myself.
I'm just fucking cute, right? Haha!
Oh my god, not to mention, I'm funny too.
Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
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Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 7:53 PM
that happy post i talked about!

such happy faces!

yay! i have kain-s for baju kurung! 
but one of them making me feel a slight guilt towards mummy.
yeah, i got tired of being mad at mummy. :P

i felt guilty cause mummy kept saying that the price for the kain was too much! 
not too much but a lil on the mahal side, i guess..
what can i do, she asked me to pick one -i picked one!

and the kain have these little rose prints on it.
and mummy said that if you like to pick little tiny prints means you're a coward!
like that help the guilt?

so, i ignored it and just be happy on the thought that i will have my own tailor-made baju kurung! 
dah cukup umur kot?
ai lee! here i come!
selalu dapat baju dah siap, ni dapat yang tailor punya, haaaaaaaa~~~~~~happy!
haha! no more last minute shopping at zulda masri for raya!'s an embarassing story!
this happened to me last week!

after bm paper, i went to the toilet.
walk and walk and walk.
stand like a stupid person in the toilet for a while before i decided i want to enter one of the cubicles...

when i entered it, i finally realized that my zipper was open! like damn open! 
do you think people around saw me lil panty in there? i hope not!

dah la tu je.
if you think it's funny, then it's funny.
if not, then it's not!

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