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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 @ 7:55 PM
thongs issues...
yeah, thongs CAN be an issue too...
recently, i logged on to allkpop, a korean tabloid website...
and their latest news are about some girl from a girl group were caught wearing a thong. :O
and that made me wonder....what's so wrong about that?!?!

so she wants to be sexy, let her be! 
she likes to wear thongs on daily basis, let her be!
she likes to shake her lil booty in a thong, so LET HER BE!

y'see, i don't think it's wrong or unacceptable...
so why should other people be? 
i mean, just let that girl wear her freakin thong happily, maybe she feels it's easier to dance in them.

the main thing is, we should mind our own business!
why should we care about others' dirty lil secrets? 
would you like to people to know about your secret interest in porn? no, right?
sooo, to those busybody netizens, just let that poor girl dance happily in her thongs, okay.
judge it youself :

 enough of the thong issue!

let's continue with my new "azam lelaki"! hehe...yeah, it's called azam lelaki!
y'see i felt kinda embarassed on the "i am sooo desperate for a boyfriend rite now" post.
i don't wanna be THAT kind of girl..
i should be a girl with pride! 

therefore, i'm changing myself! i will now be a girl who doesn't care bout boys!
not totally ignore them, just not take them as a must have....
i am now gonna be a :

                  "hi! i'm a boy"
                  "owh really? i don't care!"
kind of girl.

yay for me! :)

p/s : meboy


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