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Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 4:22 PM
round and round part 2.
on the last post,
there was the tale of how the 'geng kancil' got lost in kl.

right now i want to tell about what we did when we're lost.

firstly, there's hezrin, the secretary of geng kancil.
well, everybody was hungry and so...hezrin grabbed her hotdog.
while she was eating....
some of the onions on her hotdog dropped on her..
guess. where did it drop on?

people says 'a picture worth a thousand words', right?
and here is the answer.
the onions drop on.....

on her b**bcrack!
that were some onion perverts.
it was fun.

later, we were on our way back to seremban.
there was a traffic jam.
so, we sat in the car joking and listening to music.

and guess what happened.
we saw this one blue lamborghini.
the car was cool.

when we passed by it.
hezrin looked at the driver.
she said, the driver looked like yusry.
yknow, yusri from kru. the one that had a scandal with adam.

and so, i looked at him too.
and it turns out, the guy is yusry.
he was looking down at something.
i don't know. maybe his handphone or something.
or maybe there's adam under there doing his yknow 'job'.
hehe...that's d-i-r-t-y!

we were all like, haha and fascinated at the same time.
i don't know why we're fascinated but we were.

haha..that's all.
wouldn't it be fun if he saw us and give us the middle finger or something.

i was actually thinking of writing something on a piece of A4 paper!
i was thinking of writing....

ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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round and round damn kak senduk.. creative creative! :) you guys are my big BANG! i watched SHREK! along EXPOSED! nana's wedding! list mak intan my butt! damn damn damn damn...haha...