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Thursday, July 8, 2010 @ 10:58 PM
camp. report cards.
i went for pandu camp again.
it was tiring!
am currently wearing their t-shirt.
black in colour with a clock at the back.

there was a lot of eggs!
eggs here and there.
therefore, resulting in, a smelly smelly me.

hair covered with bbq sauce.
clothes covered with mud and eggs and flour and water...
eeewww much!

overall, this year's camp didn't managed to overtake last year's camp.
last year was livelier.
this year was......NOT.

still, i get to wear a punjabi suit.
beau-ti ful me!


tomorrow, report card's day!
mama kept bugging me.
asking how many A's did i get.
did i fail?
my rankings in class.
am i ashamed of myself.

c'mon woman.
shut youself up.
stop asking me those stuff!

papa'll tell you later.
ask him!

stop worrying.
i had a good enough amount of A-s
my rankings may be low but it's acceptable considering that my class is FILLED with geniuses!
and no i did not fail on anything! *happy*
owh yeah, i am NOT ashamed of myself and so should you!

gaaahhhhh...very stressing.
now i know why XXXXXX would cheat on her papers!


mummy finally brought me to the tailor.
and i met rosmaniza there.
it turns out she go to the same tailor as I do.
and damn. her clothes looked better!

but still, lia READ this.
Aily said i'm taller than you.
and you can't deny it now.
boo-yah! :P

owh btw, lia, aily also said that she'd lowered your payments.
she just realized that you're mummy's daughter.
lucky you! :)

that's all! ta ta!
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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