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SHOUTS please or die
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Hi. I'm Unichanzzz and I'm a Unicorn!
Nahh, I'm just being delusional here hah!
Gosh I just love myself.
I'm just fucking cute, right? Haha!
Oh my god, not to mention, I'm funny too.
Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
Then, I should work hard!
Don't blame me,everyone wants a happy ending of their own.
Follow this unicorn and you might get to shit rainbows too!

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Monday, August 16, 2010 @ 9:55 PM
i want a boy like...
i don't really care if he's hot or not.
if he's rich or not.

i just want someone who...
-quiet but know how to lead.
-remember any special occasion in our relationship.
-treats me right.
-won't disappoint me.
-makes me smile even in my hardest times.
-want to be in a serious relationship
-won't be annoyed by me.
-will still give me a bday present even if he's broke. like a card which shows he remembered.
-won't criticize my taste in music.
-respect my interest in T.O.P.
-i can be proud of.
-i can show off to lia.
-i can tell my friends about.
-will apologize first.
-won't keep me waiting.
-i can love.

people always say things like you'll find the right boy one day.
but, that one day took too long to arrive.
that one day kept me waiting.
that one day sucks.
that one day made me think about my life. i don't like that.
that one day broke my heart.
that one day really disappoints me.

i hope that one day prepared one hell of a good reason for why it's late.
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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