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Sunday, September 26, 2010 @ 4:28 PM
i hate yesterday.
i came to school.
on a saturday.
it sucked.

i was supposed to be on duty for the ceramah thingy.
all i need to do was give out the gifts.
that's it.

but, no....the teachers asked us to do some other stuffs instead.
those stuff was meant to be done by these few asrama girls.
where are they?
why weren't they doing their jobs?

telling us to ask the mak cik kantin for some food.
passing around food to the hockey girls.
like WTF? 
those hockey girls aren't doing ANYTHING! go fetch your food yourself!
when i brought them their nasi lemak.
they ask for rendangs pulak. 
since there's some nasi lemak rendang.

like dude! just eat what you have.
you want some other stuffs, TAKE IT YOURSELF!

and what i am really pissed out about is that,
there's four of us that should be working that day.
but......there only me and farhana working our butts off!
**** all of you for not helping.

we went from the canteen to the ceramah's place to the bilik guru multiples time.
the most that the others do was taking some gifts from the bilik guru and take the microphone for the ceramah.
and no thanks?
you guys suck!

btw, kalau ada yang terasa tu.
janganlah datang kat aku bising bising.
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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