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Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 8:38 PM
makhluk putih.
here's a funny story.

well, my family doesn't really like people coming to our house very much.
so, our gates were usually closed.
and, the same goes for yesterday.

i was home alone.
mummy's out at cik man's house.
lia went somewhere with hezrin.
aboy......i really don't know where he was.

as i was watching the tv. laughing. 
some dude came.
i don't really know why. but, i ran.
i don't know why i ran.
it's not like i'm scared or anything.

and i fell.
at the stairs.
gaaahhhh. it hurts. still, i continued to run towards the kitchen.
i can hear them giving salam.
and you know what people said, mesti jawab salam.

so, there i was. hiding in the kitchen. answering their salam silently. with shaking legs.
well, y'know. 
when you fall so hard. like shhhh-BAM. surely, you're legs will go all shaky, right?
you get me?

damn. it hurts. it really really really hurts.
so, today i mandi.
and saw this big blue bruise.
aaarrgghh.....kurang harga!

showed it to lia and she................................she didn't really care.
showed it to momochi too. and she went all,

'teruknya dik!' and 'pergi pakai mesin urut mama tu' and 'teruk tu dik......................, biru!'

so yeah.
lesson : don't run from some strangers in baju putih who were giving you salam. -they won't be eating you!

i'm pretty tempted right now to post a pic of it.
but, then, it'll just seem weird.
why should people see my blue bruise? 
so, i won't. 
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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