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Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 5:43 PM
exercise? i don't think so.
i just started exercising. 

yeah, i know, i know,
i've wrote before that i'll start exercising.
but i didn't.

so, one day, i saw this list of top exercises that works fast.
first place was roller blading.
plus, it's fun.
but, then again, i've thrown out my roller blades a long time ago.
and to buy another one.
they're expensive.
so, i did nothing.

then, another day, i was sitting in my room with nothing to do.
and i started thinking about the list.
and, i remembered that there was jump rope-ing in the list.
so, i started jump rope-ing outside my house. 
and, i never had my own jump rope so i jumped without the rope.

and, i gotta tell 'ya. exercising sucks. big time!
at first, i was happy seeing my sweats.
later, all that sweat start to drip into my eyes while i was jumping.
then i thought, 

'wow! i got sweats in my eyes!'
'this is like rocky when HE's jump-roping!!' 
(btw, rocky is a character which sylvester stallone plays in one of his boxing movies series)

after a while, i was like,

'shit! the sweats stings' 
(btw, it really stings. yknow, when they dripped into your eyes. and no, i didn't spell stink wrong. i really meant sting.)

today, i woke up to aching legs.
and it is still aching right now.
i can't walk properly.
i limped.
if i was a stranger and saw someone else walking past by me like i did today, i would think that she's crippled or something.

btw, mind my english. i'm not sure if cripple is the right word.

and so, i think i'll stop exercising for now.
it hurts.
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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