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Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 6:10 PM
era fm.
no. i don't listen to bm songs much.
not that i hate malay songs.
just one of those things i rarely do.
-listening to bm songs.

and since i'm into korean, i've been looking for a radio channel that air their songs.
i thought air them.
yknow, the chinese channel.
i even saved them in my mp4.

but, all i listen there was,

'Xièxiè tīng nǐ my.Fm. Zhèlǐ de....(some random chinese singer.)'

well, not the exact same sentence. but, you get me, right?

and recently, i found out that era have this new slot for japanese, korean and other songs alike.
it's fun! i think listening to a song you download and listening to a song on the radio are two different feelings.
the same goes for music videos on tv.
it felt different than when you watch it on youtube!

i think maybe korean is the 'in-thing' right now.
cause i can see korean everwhere. i mean korean shows.
astro even put a korean music festival as part of the special shows on tayangan hebat.
and that new korean channel, the s-one channel on astro. even have a slot for k-pop vids.
oh yeah, and animax with their korean dramas slot.

i guess it is REAL. the korean wave.
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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