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Sunday, January 30, 2011 @ 10:38 AM
good morning.
what a beautiful morning.
okay, it's raining like hell yeah out there so, nope. it's not a beautiful day.

daddy bought soto today.
he went to pick me up from add maths class (yeah. i do have an add maths class at 7 o'clock in the MORNING and i had to wake up like very very early) and then went straight to stadium to buy our breakfast since mamaluv balik ke kampung halaman with our famous ninab.
so yeah. what a nice way to start your morning.

and what d'ya know.
my lovely lovely lil kitties left me a present in front of the sliding door today.
it was sure RAT-TASTIC :D
hah. i shall curse at them with all my might!

oh oh.
since it's raining like hell yeah today, my hair's all puffy.
i can be the next puff mummy!
so, sean 'puffy to puff daddy to p.diddy to diddy dirty money' combs, give way to muzni 'dirty-minded puffy mummy' mustapa!

uhuh~ *their slang* you heard that right, mister. *again. their slang*
sorry about the third name calling. i just thought that if i wrote the N word, it would be just plain RACIST.

i guess that's pretty much it.
a summary of my wonderful morning. heh. abaikan the rat-tastic prez i got from my lovely kitties.


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