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Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 10:09 PM
ha ji won (gil ra-im)

man, she's hot.

oh yeah, forgot to tell ya.
i watch secret garden now.
it's this new drama.
it's cool.
she's the main actress.
damn she's hot.
she have nice hair too :P

i finished watching it this afternoon.
the ending was a bummer, though.
the couple had a happy ending.
the guy's hot too.
but, he already have a girlfriend in real life.
i really thought the two looked very good in this drama.

they even had some steamy kisses.
i am pretty sure they shared a very passionate french kiss.
but, the camera kept moving here and there that i'm not really sure anymore :(

heh. i'll just leave it with my imaginations.
and according to my imagination, they were french kissing. hehe :P

he's the hot guy.

here's them together. omg omg!

and there's the foam kiss and party kiss.
i prefer the party kiss, though.

the production crew just released the behind-the-scenes stills.
they looked so cute acting very shy shy around each other after the minute-long kiss.


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