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Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 11:48 AM
the year 2010
yeah, i know it's pretty late to komen komen about 2010.
yknow, now that we're already in 2011, kenapa nak kenang kenang lagi kan?

but i still want to do it anyways. it goes.

i think i don't like 2010 very much.
i gain a lot of things, but they're not what i wanted to gain.
i became the treasurer for the prefectorial board.
and i hate it. i hate the fact that i have to hold on to people's money. it stresses me up! and now, all the teachers know me. well, maybe not all, but most of them.
and i'm pretty sure i have a bad image in some of the teachers' head.

i also flunk a few of my school subjects.
yeah, i did.
damn, i never failed before. so, that's pretty much a new record foe me.

and lastly, i found out that my skater boy is already in a relationship.
sob sob.
awwwwhhh, i hate 2010.
he even had a pervetic mind like me :(

this reminds me of a post by my friend on facebook.
if i am not mistaken, he wrote something like,
'an optimist will stay up to welcome 2011, meanwhile a pessimist will stay up to make sure 2010 leaves.'

i think that was some good quote. and it's pretty funny too. well, in a way.
and i might be the pessimist. 
cause......yeah, i'll say it again.
cause I HATE 2010.

but, i must admit that 2010 did brought me some nice memories.
2010 gave me new friends. 
now that hanan's gone, there's the other girls who cheered me up in school.
eventhough they like to cancel stuffs everytime we planned something, they're still good friends!
GO geng meja belakang!

and lastly, 2010 was the year where geng kancil formed.
geng kancil are such great companion for an outing.
they always have random crazy stuffs to do when going out together.
i love you guys. my two gangs!
ingin kembali ke pangkal jalan?

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