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Friday, February 4, 2011 @ 6:00 PM
sesi nurani.
geng kancil gonna put all their GODA-ing activities on halt for a while.

we're going to ain's house later.
there's this solat hajat kenduri going on.
so yeah. there's gonna be some sesi nurani for us kancilians. 
we're gonna be insaf-ing for a while.

heh. yup, for a while :P

biasalah solat hajat ni.
untuk keselamatan geng kancil ketika menggoda and for moi, the junior kancil. 
which is going to take her spm later this year. haih! -.-"

okay. that's it for now.
nak kena mandi and berwangi-wangian for tonight :)
yknow, not that i'm saying i'm busuk and all.
just going to clean up myself a lil.


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