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Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 12:12 AM
raptor watch 2011 (ada maya karin dowh!)
pics i stole from burny boo's blog. 
tp maya karin tkde gambar lah. haih -.-

heh. i'll steal her pic from others :p

the bakau trek. we saw the raptors. but, heh. they were too far up high for us to see clearly.

we visited some of the stalls there.

the perhilitan uncle wasn't very friendly though. 
he was like, 'entahlah', 'pak cik tak tahu lah', 'pergi lah tanya orang yg tangkap tu' , 'cuba lah pegang' (he meant the preserved animals), 'jgn kuat sgt nnt tercabut bulu dia' and those kind of stuffs.
man. it's not like if you answered our questions, we will get enough infos to conduct illegal animal trading pun.
haih. jawab je lah. that's why ur here okay. to teach us. 
apa lah!

oh and izzati had some fun. she went and played games and all.
she was pretty much very excited for the games.
i don't really know why. hmm..

lastly. the jungle trek. ahhhh. PENAT OKAY!
who'd knew that pd's quite beautiful actually. 
heh. it's not pd, we're in melaka already so melaka lah yg beautiful kan?

and ooh ooh.
did you see the guy in the 3rd and 5th pic.
he was quite a hottie.
i think his name was cheah or something. 
there's another guy watching us from behind, his name was alvin, i think.
he's cute. it's like he have this nerdy chinese boy charm.

hah. datang tgk burung. tapi burung lain pulak yg menarik perhatian :p 
haha. itu pun kalau lah korang paham.

the end :)

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