cause cold
chills me to the bones
SHOUTS please or die
SHOUTS are VERY recommended.
a little splotch in the universe

Me! :D

Hi. I'm Unichanzzz and I'm a Unicorn!
Nahh, I'm just being delusional here hah!
Gosh I just love myself.
I'm just fucking cute, right? Haha!
Oh my god, not to mention, I'm funny too.
Like, how did I get all these good traits?
Haih I just wish I'll meet someone that resembles me.
Hm no, someone that accepts me unconditionally is better.
Then, I should work hard!
Don't blame me,everyone wants a happy ending of their own.
Follow this unicorn and you might get to shit rainbows too!

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Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 6:11 PM
no one will know
how should i say this?

if you were to read our conversations carefully, you would notice that i wasn't gossiping about you.
i was simply telling her that you were not what she thinks you are.
i was telling her not to think that you were ignoring her.
it's your phone that's a problem. not you.
it's not like you were deliberately ignoring her. 
it's YOUR PHONE that's online, NOT YOU.

and she said she was sad.
so to make things better, i tried to tell her that it's alright.
she was not an only outcast. i am dealing with the same thing.
there was no intention in blaming you. i was actually trying to tell her there's nothing to be sad about. since she was not the only one.

i'm sorry. i guess, it was mostly my fault. fr leaving the sentence incomplete. and left you with a different meaning to what i was actually saying.


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